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Queer Pedagogical Performance

Year of Funding: 

Queer Pedagogical Performance explores the possibilities of queer pedagogy across disciplines and academic sites. Over the course of the year, we will work together to explore the nature of queer pedagogy, to build a collection of transferrable queer pedagogical resources, and to design and offer public forums for both learning about and engaging in queer pedagogy.

Project Goals

Planning sessions and public events will speak to three key concerns of queer pedagogy:

  1. Creating anti-homophobic classroom spaces for (queer) students;
  2. Negotiating instructor identities in the classroom; and
  3. Queering classroom “content” as well as “method.”

In the near term, this project aims to foster an active interdisciplinary community of instructors interested in queer pedagogy; in the longer term, it will extend and enrich that community by articulating the relevance of queer pedagogy to the intellectual public at the University of Washington and beyond.

Organizers and Collaborators

  • Lindsay Rose Russell (Graduate Student, English)
  • Heather Arvidson (Graduate Student, English)
  • Annie Dwyer (Graduate Student, English)
  • Chelsea Jennings (Graduate Student, English)
  • Japhet Johnstone (Graduate Student, Germanics)
  • Eric Scheufler (Graduate Student, Germanics)