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Performing the Gap

Performing the Gap

Year of Funding: 
Performing the Gap Graduate Interest Group

Performance as Political and Popular Transformation

At this intersection of the political with the popular, Performing the Gap fosters a critical examination of performance as a site for conceptualizing contemporary cultural practices, modernity, citizenship, and democracy.

While the recent uprisings on Arab streets are an immediate inspiration for this project, our interests span to performances on the streets of the Caribbean and Latin America, urban slums in North America, and other sites throughout emerging nation-states. Furthermore, performance in this political vein includes theater and performing arts that engage with various political and social realities, as well as conceptions of gender, sexuality, and race that invoke the category of performance.

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Organizers and Collaborators

  • Raj Chetty (Graduate Student, English)
  • Amal Eqeiq (Graduate Student, Comparative Literature)
  • Jacinthe A. Assaad (Graduate Student, Comparative Literature)
  • Samer Al-Saber (Graduate Student, Drama)