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Medieval Studies Graduate Interest Group

Medieval Studies
Graduate Interest Group

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Medieval Studies Graduate Interest Group

TheMedieval Studies Graduate Interest Group aims to bring together medieval scholars from a wide variety of departments on campus to foster collaboration between disciplines on topics concerning the middle ages. The group is open to graduate students, faculty, staff, undergraduates and community members interested in the Middle Ages.

Project Rationale

Often scholars can become isolated in their own subject area but we believe that by bringing all of these perspectives together in one place on a regular basis, we can enrich our work. Recent interest in crossdisciplinary work is actually a revival of a mode of thinking prevalent in the medieval period when religion, art, literature, history and music intermingled to produce illuminated manuscripts of both religious and lay literature, works of stained glass in cathedrals, hymns and songs performed by bards, medieval drama and much more. It is therefore crucial that medievalists approach their scholarship with the same perspective that their subject of study represents.


Organizers and Collaborators

  • Sarah Kathryn Moore (Graduate Student, English)
  • Meagan Loftin (Graduate Student, English)
  • Lane Eagles (Graduate Student, Art History)
  • Stefan Kamola (Graduate Student, History)
  • Julie Tanaka (Graduate Student, Information School)
  • Leanne Wheless (Graduate Student, School of Music)