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Future Horizons in Critical Medical Humanities

Year of Funding: 
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Symposium: March 2019

This symposium brings together faculty and graduate students pursuing critical humanistic and social scientific research on health and medicine from UW, with those from other institutions in our region (the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia), the University of Amsterdam, and the University of Copenhagen. The symposium has  two goals. First, we seek to create an opportunity for scholars from different locations and at different stages to share research and discuss what they see on, or as, the future horizon of our field of scholarship. Second, we seek also to discuss possibilities and begin laying plans for an ongoing international scholarly exchange among graduate students and faculty engaged in research in this area, between the University of Washington, Simon Fraser University (in British Columbia), the University of Copenhagen (in Denmark), and the University of Amsterdam and Maastricht University (in the Netherlands).

In addition to graduate students from each of these institutions, confirmed faculty participants include Johanna Crane, Susan Erikson, Tine Gammeltoft, Iben Mundbjerg Gjødsbøl, Anja Bornø Jensen, Anita Hardon, Anna Harris, Nora Kenworthy, Amade M'Charek, Eileen Moyer, Harriet Phinney, Jeannette Pols, Mette Nordahl Svendsen, Emily Yates-Doerr, and Ayo Wahlberg, as well as the UW-Seattle graduate student and faculty organizers (Jenna Grant, Lillian Prueher, Janelle Taylor, and Marieke van Eijk).

Anticipated outcomes include: Regional and international connections with professional colleagues in our field; publication of a collection of think pieces on the topic of Future Horizons in Critical Medical Humanites; concrete plans for next steps toward establishment of regular faculty and graduate student exchanges among our institutions, through the "short intensive course" format common in European graduate training, and/or other approaches; and initial plans for longer-term funding strategies to sustain international collaborations.


Primary Contacts

Janelle S. Taylor (Anthropology) 

Jenna Grant (Anthropology)

Marieke van Eijk (Anthropology)