Writing Tips for the Web

Here are a few guidelines for making web content more user-friendly. In a nutshell, effective writing for the web should be concise and scannable. Paying attention to these web-specific standards helps readers figure out what is important on a webpage and how to find to the content that concerns them.


  • Web users prefer short text (ideally one screen or less). This won’t always be feasible, but it is ideal wherever possible. Where longer articles are necessary, try to summarize and group key points. Doing so will help users decide quickly if content is relevant to their interests.
  • Users tend not to “read” on the web—they scan, looking for words or phrases that catch their eye.
  • So, creating visual hierarchies and information “chunks” within page content allows site visitors to quickly identify content relevant to them. Consider using headings, bold text, and bulleted lists – theycan all be used to signal key points and break up content into accessible sections.

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