Requesting Travel, Accommodations, and Honoraria

Travel and Accommodations

The Simpson Center generally prefers to arrange travel and accommodations for guests of its sponsored projects. These bookings are made through the College of Arts & Sciences Shared Services and paid for directly on a Simpson Center budget.

This option requires advance planning. The Simpson Center requests 2-4 months advance notice for domestic guests and 4-6 months for international guests who may require additional visa arrangements. The benefit of this advance planning is comparatively less expensive flights.

The Simpson Center can also reimburse a guest visitor’s travel expenses: we suggest this option in cases where a guest has a multi-stop itinerary, where expenses are being shared among different institutions, or in cases where the traveler has companions who need the same itinerary but cannot be paid for on a UW budget.

To initiate travel and accommodations booking for your invited guest(s), email your Simpson Center (SC) contact the following information:

  • Full name of the invited guest
  • Email address of invited guest
  • Dates of invite
  • Number of nights hotel accommodation sponsored
  • Amount of funding for air and ground transport

Please note if your guest will be making his or her own travel arrangements and submitting for reimbursement; otherwise, the Simpson Center will initiate travel booking.

 The Simpson Center can make honoraria requests at the same time: please see below, and link these communications if you can.


To request an honorarium for a guest speaker, the primary project liaison should email their primary Simpson Center contact the following information:

  • Full name of the invited guest
  • Email address of invited guest
  • Dates of service
  • Description of service (ie: to present to X group on Y.)
  • Amount of honorarium

Please note: Check requests require at least two weeks to process through the UW system.  Please submit your request one month in advance if you want a check ready at your event.

UW and Simpson Center policy does not allow paying honoraria to UW faculty and graduate students for campus-based research presentation and exchange.

Because of the university time and expense involved in processing check requests, the Simpson Center typically does not process honoraria requests for less than $150 or $200 per individual. If you are inviting individuals and want to offer a token of appreciation on a smaller scale, we suggest the purchase of a UW Bookstore or Amazon gift card, which can be reimbursed as a project expense (see Requesting Reimbursement for more information). 




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