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WIRED: Women Investigating Race, Ethnicity, and Difference

Women Investigating Race, Ethnicity, and Difference

Year of Funding: 

WIRED is a cross-disciplinary research cluster of twenty four female race and gender scholars who are laying the groundwork for an edited volume that describes, critiques, and theorizes the interventions made by women of color on tenure-track at a large research university. The volume consists of chapters co-authored by members, and it examines strategies for critically resisting, reshaping, and engaging institutions of higher education.

Project Rationale

WIRED draws upon the experiences of these ethnically and racially diverse women to critically reflect upon, and in a sense, “re-package” or “re-frame” ways in which to approach teaching, research, and professionalization.  Because of the topics and field of their research and teaching, and because of how professional academic spaces racialize and gender them, women of color challenge traditional notions of research, teaching, service, mentoring, and collegiality.  In response, WIRED is focused on developing strategies to resist, succeed, and perhaps even transform academia.

Organizers and Collaborators