Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters


seed new collaborations between faculty and graduate students who share research interests.

Palestine and the Public Sphere

Blue and white abstract painting

This research cluster brings together faculty and graduate students for critical and cross-disciplinary conversations and activities concerning the cultural, political, and economic situation of Palestine and its framing in US academic and public

Performance Studies

Image on left shows Indian Chief sitting in front of old-style recording device; image on right is of Seattle WTO protests for sea turtle demonstrations

The Performance Studies Research Group draws together scholars from various disciplines to discuss foundational and new work in the field of performance studies.

Textual & Digital Studies Graduate Certificate

Corner of an old text page, with an over-laid image of a printed orange "B" seal

Textual studies encompasses a broad set of disciplinary practices and fields whose central concern is the production, circulation, and reception of texts in material form.

The Anthropocene

Art exhibit of a concrete pod that anchors a tree trunk and its roots with steel rods

This research cluster brings together faculty and graduate students to consider the provocations and implications of the Anthropocene thesis for the humanities.

Writing Across Difference

Abstract painting of curly-ques in rainbow colors

This research cluster draws together scholars from the English Department writing programs, the Odegaard Writing & Research Center, Human Centered Design & Engineering, the Center for Teaching & Learning, and other programs to facilita

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