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Carolee Schneemann

Carolee Schneemann

Year of Funding: 
Carolee Schneemann Exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery.

This two-day symposium brings together UW faculty, guest speakers, and Carolee Schneemann herself to encourage an expansive public dialogue about the Henry Art Gallery exhibition. The symposium will be organized around performances, lectures, forums, screenings, and other opportunities that all explore complex themes of feminism, performance, and the body.

Carolee Schneemann:
Within and Beyond the Premises

  • The exhibit: Sept 24 - Dec 30, 2011
  • The symposium: Friday-Saturday, Nov. 18-19, 2011

Visit for program updates, screening schedules and other event listings related to this symposium.

About Carolee Schneemann

A multidisciplinary artist, Carolee Schneemann transformed the definition of contemporary art, steering it toward a discourse on the body, sexuality, and gender. Her controversial and pioneering investigation into suppressive taboos and human sexuality in conflict with the social body continues to inspire further discussion today.

Organizers and Collaborators

  • Elizabeth Brown (Henry Art Gallery)
  • Rachael Faust (Henry Art Gallery)
  • Whitney Ford-Terry (Henry Art Gallery)
  • Ann Anagnost (Anthropology)
  • Phillip Thurtle (Comparative History of Ideas)
  • Patricia Failing (Art History)