Colloquia and Conferences


include speaker series, international research, and working conferences. They are selected for support based on their crossdisciplinary and interdisciplinary focus.

Access to Information as a Human Right

This conference with the UW Center for Human Rights examines access to information as a tool in securing truth, justice, and reparations for victims of crimes against humanity.

Affect & Audience in the Digital Age: Translational Poetics

Illustration of book index

This symposium examines artistic, archival, and activist projects that move from the digital to the analog, from embodied performance to notation.

Effable and Ineffable: Gabriel Fauré and the Limits of Criticism

Beloved by musicians yet inaccessible to scholars, Fauré's music provides a unique focal point for rethinking the relationship between music and discourse.

Ethnographic Aesthetics: Image, Sound, Word

Birds flying above ocean

Ethnographic Aesthetics is a speaker series featuring innovators whose work in poetry, sound, and film expands the practice of ethnography through humanistic, sensory forms of knowing.

Feminism and Classics

Illustration of eye and Venus de Medici

Feminism and Classics is a conference exploring the multiple interconnections among the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean and the study of feminism, women, and gender.

Hebrew and the Humanities

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The symposium Hebrew and the Humanities: Present Tense examines the experience of Americans who have traversed the cultural distance from English to Hebrew. Why do they do it? What is its value? How does the embattled position of Hebrew reflect the broader challenges of language arts and humanities education today?

International Piers Plowman Society Conference

Piers Plowman Luttrell Psalter

The International Piers Plowman Society meets to foster critical study of the poem(s) Piers Plowman, a fourteenth-century alliterative narrative told in a series of dream visions.

Mediating Difference: Sights and Sounds

Difference is a term that late twentieth and early twenty-first century scholars of race, gender, and sexuality have claimed and yet left largely un-theorized.

Shakespeare, Music, and Memory

To celebrate the life of William Shakespeare, this conference explores the connection of music and memory in his plays.

Socially Engaged Art in Japan

The symposium Socially Engaged Art in Japan explores work that crosses the boundaries between art and social activism and how Japan’s experience can inform a global understanding of such work.

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