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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Colloquia and Conferences


include speaker series, international research, and working conferences. They are selected for support based on their crossdisciplinary and interdisciplinary focus.

Curating in Conversation

Under the direction of Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse (Assistant professor, UW School of Art + ArtnHistory + Design, Curator and Director of the BHC at the Burke Museum), this symposium will support cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural  humanities engageme

Faculty Retirement Seminar

While retirement can be a life-changing event for almost everyone, for faculty especially it raises fundamental questions about what it means to be a professor and how one’s identity and purpose are defined by more than the specific demands of a ‘

Transcultural Approaches to Europe

As a recent, widely-circulated open letter by the Diversity, Decolonization, and the German Curriculum (DDGC) collective reminds us, the future

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