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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Colloquia and Conferences


include speaker series, international research, and working conferences. They are selected for support based on their crossdisciplinary and interdisciplinary focus.

Bugs and Beasts Before the Law

In Fall 2020, the Henry Art Gallery will present "Bugs and Beasts Before the Law," an essay film by the artist duo Bambitchell that explores the history and legacy of “animal trials,” in which non-human animals and inanimate objects were put on tr

Conference on Historical Poetics

Meredith Martin (Princeton U), Jason Rudy (U Maryland), and Michael Cohen (UCLA), three important scholars of nineteenth-century poetics, will present recent work at an afternoon symposium on campus.  They represent the Historical Poetics group (h

Curating in Conversation

Birds eye view of two guests viewing an exhibit in the Burke Museum.

The Burke Museum's Bill Holm Center will present a series of lectures and programs organized to

Faculty Retirement Seminar

A quarter-long weekly seminar involving ten to twelve Arts & Sciences faculty (recently retired or transitioning to retirement), examining the challenges and opportunities of retiring from the UW.  We will be considering a range of topics from

Studies in the History of the English Language Conference

The history of the English language is the story of the English language in the last 1500 years; its scholarship focuses on the changing sounds, structure, and use of the language, and draws tools methodologically from linguistics, literary study,

Transcultural Approaches to Europe

The Colloquium on Transcultural Approaches to Europe advances crucial conversations on world language and literature study on our campus, through an interdisciplinary, multi-departmental speaker series focused on issues of race, identity, colonial

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