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New Geographies of Feminist Art

New Geographies of Feminist Art

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This collaboration proposes writing a global history of feminist art that considers the complex and contingent histories of South-South connections and uses methods drawn from anthropology, art history, and feminist studies.

Our cross-disciplinary collaboration challenges the commonplace of folding non-Western artists and art practices into a preexisting Western narrative of feminist art by examining feminist trajectories and networks to emerge from metropolitan centers in the South, such as Mumbai and Shanghai, which were distinctive if not disjunct from their counterparts in the West.

Project Goals

  • To generate new cross-disciplinary methodologies, courses, and publications;
  • To lead to an academic conference, museum exhibition, and digital archive; and
  • To establish the University of Washington at the forefront of transnational feminist studies of contemporary art and culture.

2012 Conference

Find out about the international conference, New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia, and the World, takng place at the University of Washington, November 15-17, 2012.


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