Collaboration Studio Grants


provide UW faculty groups with leave to catalyze, deepen, or reconfigure cross-disciplinary research and to work toward publication.

Intersectional Animal Studies: Thinking Humans and Animals Together

Following scholarship on intersectionality, a particularly powerful analytic tool for understanding identity formation and experience, we argue that species can be added to—and can intersect with—gender, race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality, to better understand how vectors of power and privilege are formed and how we might start to shift them in the direction of greater social justice.

Lake Union Laboratory

Lake Union Laboratory: Curating Collaborative Urban Research in the Digital Realm supports a cross-disciplinary team exploring the potential for digital platforms and tools to generate new transdisciplinary knowledges in and of ur

Producing a Worthy Illness

IV bags with social media logos

For Americans experiencing chronic and acute illnesses, fundraising through crowdsourcing websites has become a popular method to pay for the extraordinary costs of health care and medication. This project studies these new forms of self-representation from the perspectives of public health, medical anthropology, and media and communication studies.

The Politics of Storytelling in Island Imperial Formations

Javanese outrigger canoe, courtesy of Judith Henchy, Southeast Asia Collection, UW Libraries.

Politics of Storytelling is an essay collection that builds a theoretical language about the form and function of storytelling in the historical creation and recreation of modern island formations

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