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Ronald Moore

Natural Beauty: A Theory of Aesthetics Beyond the Arts book cover
Natural Beauty: A Theory of Aesthetics Beyond the Arts (Broadview Press, 2007)
Wednesday, April 8, 2009 - 4:00pm
Communications 202

A philosophical account of the principles involved in making aesthetic judgments about natural objects, Natural Beauty: A Theory of Aesthetics Beyond the Arts makes an important contribution to the literature on environmental aesthetics. Ronald Moore borrows from historical and modern accounts of natural beauty to evolve a syncretic theory of aesthetic experience as that which sustains and rewards attention.  Moore's theory distinguishes itself from the purely cognitive and purely emotive approaches that have dominated natural aesthetics until now, showing why aesthetic appreciation of art and aesthetic appreciation of nature can be mutually reinforcing and cooperative enterprises. Moore also makes a compelling case for how and why the experience of natural beauty can contribute to the larger project of living a good life.

Ronald Moore is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Washington. He teaches courses in philosophy of law and philosophy of art. His books include Legal Norms and Legal Science, Aesthetics for Young People, and Puzzles about Art. He has been awarded UW’s Distinguished Teaching Award, the Charles Odegaard Award (for contribution to Minority Education), and the Donald Petersen Fellowship for Excellence. Moore was the first director of the Center for the Humanities.

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