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Demystifying Digital Humanities

Demystifying Digital Humanities is a series of six workshops, funded by the Simpson Center, presenting a guided introduction to the points of inter

Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria

The Simpson Center is a sponsor of the University of Victoria’s renowned Digital Humanities Summer I

Demystifying the Digital Humanities

Demystifying the Digital Humanities is a new series of six workshops, funded for the first time by the Simpson Center and the UW Textual Studies program, presenting a guided introduction to the points of intersection between traditional and digital humanities (DH)...

Digital Humanities

DH elevator button courtesy Quinn Dombrowski via Creative Commons/Flickr

Integrating computer technologies with humanities research. Using computational tools to retrieve, analyze, and visually represent data.

HASTAC Scholars

HASTAC Scholars Initiative

The Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) is a network of individuals and institutions inspired by the possibilities that new technologies offer for shaping how people learn, teach, communicate, and organize local and global communities.

Digital Research Summer Institute

This five-week pilot program in 2011 joined UW faculty, staff, and graduate students in an intensive effort to foster sustainable digital scholarship and interoperable communities of digital practice on campus. In workshops and seminars, DRSI fellows engaged in reimagining the forms and functions of research, peer review, and scholarly communication in the humanities.

Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships

The Simpson Center offers annual summer fellowships for faculty and doctoral students to pursue research projects that use digital technologies in innovative and intensive ways and/or explore the historical, social, aesthetic, and cross-cultural implications of digital cultures.

The Instagram Militia and the Limits of Empathy

Mosaic of people holding guns and closeups of guns

Tad Hirsch stitches together 80,000 assault-rifle selfies to examine America’s gun divide.

Preserving the Lessons of the Seattle-SeaTac $15 Wage Victories

Demonstrators carry signs and flags

A groundbreaking new digital archive preserves the history of two hard-fought minimum-wage campaigns.

Announcing Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2016 Attendees

Victoria harbor

Five teams of scholars will travel to Victoria, British Columbia, for the renowned training institute in June 2016.

Affect & Audience in the Digital Age: Translational Poetics

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This symposium examines artistic, archival, and activist projects that move from the digital to the analog, from embodied performance to notation.

Lake Union Laboratory

Lake Union Laboratory: Curating Collaborative Urban Research in the Digital Realm supports a cross-disciplinary team exploring the potential for digital platforms and tools to generate new transdisciplinary knowledges in and of ur

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology brings together graduate teaching assistants from various departments to discuss and develop technology-based teaching tools and lessons.

Space, Movement, and Translation

Space, Movement, and Translation brings together a diverse group of graduate students from different disciplines and backgrounds interested in novel ways of representing historical movement, space, and translation in scholarship.

Histories and Futures of Publication

Histories and Futures of Publication is an interdisciplinary lecture and colloquium series in manuscript, print, and digital cultures.

How the Age of Amazon Is Reshaping Literary History

Amazon's dominance of the book-publishing industry and relentless focus on customer service may herald a new era in American fiction.

We Wandered as a Cloud: Collaborative Poetry for a Digital Age

The research cluster Affect & Audience in the Digital Age brings a distinctly collaborative approach for rethinking poetry in the digital era.