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Carlson Center for Public Service and Leadership:

The Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center develops service-learning, community-based participatory research, and leadership opportunities for UW students that sustain reciprocal partnerships, deepen learning, advance civic engagement, and contribute to our greater community.

Center for Curriculum Transformation

The Center for Curriculum Transformation promotes and supports curriculum development aimed at teaching and learning to think critically about cultural diversity. The Center assists both individual faculty members and academic departments in developing courses and curricula that include the study of race, gender, ethnicity, nation and nationhood, class, disability, sexuality and religion and their intersections.

Center for Teaching and Learning:

The Center for Teaching and Learning promotes student learning by supporting and strengthening the UW teaching community.

The Center works with individuals, departments, and communities of practice, as well as in collaboration with campus partners, to share knowledge of best practices and evidence-based research on teaching, learning, and mentoring.

Faculty and Professional Learning Communities (FPLCs) bring together faculty, graduate student instructors, and staff to discuss teaching and learning topics.

Community Literacy Program (CLP):

The Community Literacy Program offers a unique opportunity to combine academic research with experiential learning. Participants re-examine their own lives as students in addition to reading and writing about current issues in American education, such as the nature and purpose of schooling, literacy, conflict and discipline, assessment and accountability, rapidly changing demographics, the nature and construction of "at risk" status, and the role of civic engagement in public education.

The Graduate School--Mentoring

The Graduate School maintains a website with many good resources for and guidelines on mentoring for and by graduate students.

Graduate Opportunities and Minority Advancement Program (GO-MAP):

A unit of the UW Graduate School, GO-MAP is committed to serving the needs of students of color and students from other underrepresented groups, while simultaneously fostering an educational and social environment in which all students can learn and develop through experiences rich in cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity.

GO-MAP’s three main areas of focus are:

  • Outreach, recruitment, and retention
  • Enhancing scholarship and research
  • Building community, on and off campus

The Intergroup Dialogue, Education and Action (IDEA) Center

Intergroup dialogue is a social justice approach to dialogue. It foregrounds both societal power relations of domination- subordination, and the creative possibilities for engaging and working with and across these differences. The approach aims to move beyond seeing these differences as divisive, and to collectively generate newer ways of being powerful without perpetuating social inequalities. This approach coincides with core social work processes of empowerment--building connections with others, increasing critical consciousness about social inequalities, engendering commitments to social justice, and developing competencies to interrupt social injustices and engage in social change.