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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Elective Courses

Here are courses that CPS Fellows have taken to satisfy this requirement.  Please also refer to HUM 595 offerings

  • BCULST 585 Topics in Cultural Activism and Advocacy: Prisons,Politics,and Activism (5), Dan Berger
  • BCULST 586 Topics in Arts and Cultural Policy: Arts in Seattle (5), JoLynn Edwards
  • BCULST 595 Cultural Studies Skills Workshop in Grantwriting and Grantsmanship (2), Peter Drury.
  • BCULST 582 Approaches to Performance-based Research, Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren
  • BCULST 589 Development & Globalization, Ben Gardner
  • BCULST 593 Non-Profit Organizations, Elizabeth Thomas
  • BCULST 584 Media & Representation, Susan Harewood
  • COM 563 Black Cultural Studies, Ralina Joseph
  • DANCE 536 Integrated Dance, History and Method (3), Instructor, Jurg Koch
  • EDLPS 569 The Power of Perspective: Partnering with Students on Action (3), Margery Ginsburg
  • HIST 590C: Topics in History: Introduction to Public History (5), Lorraine McConaghy
  • HUM 596B/DRAMA 599C Rebuilding Culture Reclaiming Identity through Performance (5),  Shannon Dudley, Odai Johnson, Jurg Koch, Theresa Ronquillo, Tikka Sears.
  • WOM 503 Feminist Methods (5), Amanda Swarr
  • WOM526 The Study of Lives in Feminist Research: Narrative and Visual Approaches (5), Sasha Su-Ling Welland
  • WOM577 Women of Color in Academia (5), Angela Ginorio

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