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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Submitting Your Application Online

Submitting Your Application Online

Applications are administered electronically via Google Forms


  1. SAVE your letter of intent and your curriculum vitae in Word or pdf  format;
  2. NAME your saved documents as follows:
    • [Your last name]_letter
    • [Your last name]_CV.
  3. COMPLETE the application form. The online applicant information survey will ask for the following— please have it prepared:
    • Name
    • UW e-mail address
    • UW program
    • the year you started your UW degree program
    • name and email address of your faculty advisor/GPA
    • prior coursework of relevance
    • prior coursework you propose to be applied to program requirements
    • <1-3 potential portfolio advisors
  4. UPLOAD your saved letter of intent/cv document in the Google Form application
  5. Lastly, REQUEST that a faculty member who knows your work send an electronic letter of recommendation to

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