Submitting Your Application Online

Submitting Your Application Online

Applications are administered electronically via Google Forms


  1. SAVE your letter of intent and your curriculum vitae in Word or pdf  format;
  2. NAME your saved documents as follows:
    • [Your last name]_letter
    • [Your last name]_CV.
  3. COMPLETE the application form. The online applicant information survey will ask for the following— please have it prepared:
    • Name
    • UW e-mail address
    • UW program
    • the year you started your UW degree program
    • name and email address of your faculty advisor/GPA
    • prior coursework of relevance
    • prior coursework you propose to be applied to program requirements
    • <1-3 potential portfolio advisors
  4. UPLOAD your saved letter of intent/cv document in the Google Form application
  5. Lastly, REQUEST that a faculty member who knows your work send an electronic letter of recommendation to

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