The Certificate in Public Scholarship features a crossdisciplinary and cross-campus faculty advising network that supports student project and portfolio development.

The Certificate in Public Scholarship prescribes two different advising roles:

  • The Portfolio Advisor is assigned to you on entry to the program and works in tandem with you throughout your progress through the program. The Portfolio Advisor also supervises the Capstone Portfolio (PUBSCH 603)
  • The Practicum Advisor helps shape and assess your Practicum (PUBSCH 602).

These roles supplement the advising you receive as part of your degree program, typically from a graduate program advisor and, at later stages, a dissertation advisor.

These roles are distinct, and the broad intellectual resources of the program offer opportunities to learn from multiple perspectives and approaches. Remember that certificate programs are intended to complement rather than reproduce the possibilities available to you in your own degree program. We urge you to investigate these resources and consult with your portfolio advisor about your choices. It is possible in certain cases that the function of portfolio advisor and practicum advisor, or dissertation advisor and practicum advisor, might best be filled by the same faculty member. These choices are discussed and assessed on a case by case basis.

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