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Simpson Center for the Humanities

2010-2011 Co-Sponsored Events

Every year the Simpson Center co-sponsors dozens of interdepartmental speaker events and conferences with small discretionary grants.  Co-sponsorships are limited to $500 and do not require Executive Board review.  The Simpson Center also co-sponsors events that feature UW faculty and graduate students as speakers or facilitators in community venues. Learn more about how to apply.

The following list of recent events provides an overview of the diverse events supported by co-sponsorship funds.

September 9, 2010 ǀ Workshop
New Bibliography
Organized by Joe Tennis (Information School)

October 11, 2010 ǀ Lecture
Ananya Roy (City & Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley)
The Democratization of Capital: Microfinance and Its Discontents
Organized by Katharyne Mitchell (Geography)

October 15, 2010 ǀ Keynote Lecture
Dave Zirin (Journalist, Sports Illustrated and the Nation)  
2010 Washington Community College Humanities Association Conference
Organized by Jared Leising (Cascadia Community College) with Bruce Burgett (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell)

November 10, 2010 ǀ Lecture
Richard Kendall (Curator, Sterling and Francine Clark Institute)
Picasso Looks at Degas: Homage, Mockery, or Theft?
Organized by Patricia Failing (Art History)

November 19, 2010 ǀ Lecture
Leo Saldanha and Bhargavi Rao (Environment Support Group, India)
Bangalored Bengaluru: Life of the Urban Poor as a City Is Transformed
Organized by Anu Taranath (English)

November 22, 2010 ǀ Lecture
Giorgia Aiello (Communications Studies, University of Leeds)
The “Other” Europeans: The Semiotic Imperative of Style in Euro Visions by Magnum Photos
Organized by Phillip Thurtle (Comparative History of Ideas) and Crispin Thurlow (Communication)

December 1, 2010 ǀ Lecture
Stuart Schulman (Political Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Measuring Annotation Validity Using Web-Based Collaboration Tools
Organized by Karine Nahon (Information School)

February 1, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Joe Davis (Artist, MIT)
Paradigms Lost and Found: The Implications of the Human Genome Project
Organized by Marek Wieczorek (Art History)

February 16, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Todd Weir (History, Queen’s University, Belfast)
The Specter of “Godless Jewry”: Secularism and the “Jewish Question” in Late 19th-Century Germany
Organized by the Stroum Jewish Studies Program

March 2011 ǀ Seattle Latino Film Festival
Organized by Cynthia Steele (Comparative Literature)

March 4, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Jeremy Black (History, University of Exeter)
Could the British Have Won the War for American Independence?
Organized by Edgar Kiser (Sociology)

March 5, 2011 ǀ Conference
Ethnographic Adventures in Medical Anthropology
Organized by Janelle Taylor (Anthropology)

March 7, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Elizabeth Wilson (Women Studies, Emory University)
Affect and Artificial Intelligence
Organized by Jacqueline Ettinger (University of Washington Press)

March 28, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Kate van Orden (Music, University of California, Berkeley)
Musica Transalpina: French Music, Culture, and Identity in Sixteenth-Century Italy
Organized by JoAnn Taricani (Music History)

March 31, 2011 ǀ Forum
Margaret O’Mara (Assistant Professor, History, University of Washington)
The Uses of the Foreign Student
Organized by Resat Kasaba (Jackson School of International Studies)

April 5, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Priscilla Wald (English, Duke University)
Cells, Genes, and Stories: HeLa’s Journey from Labs to Literature
Organized by Angela Ginorio (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies)

April 6, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Barbara Fuchs (Spanish & Portuguese, UCLA)
Spanish Plots, Plotting Spaniards
Organized by Geoffrey Turnovsky (French & Italian Studies) and Marshall Brown (Comparative Literature)

April 7, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Susan Brown (English, University of Guelph)
Gaskell’s Fatal Valentine: Industrial Print Culture and Anxieties of Authorship in Mary Barton
Organized by Miceal Vaughan (English and Comparative Literature)

April 14, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Daniel Deudney (Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Washington)
The Sky Is the Limit: Global Closure, Outer Space Geopolitics, and Planetary Protection
Organized by Jamie Mayerfeld (Political Science)

April 14, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Kimberly Christen (Comparative Ethnic Studies, Washington State University)
Open and Shut: Digital Repatriation and the Circulation of Indigenous Knowledge
Organized by Ann Lally (Digital Initiatives, UW Libraries)

April 22, 2011 ǀ Panel
University of Washington Department of American Ethnic Studies
Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union: Organizing Farm Workers in the Pacific Northwest in the 60s
Moderated by Erasmo Gamboa (Associate Professor, American Ethnic Studies)
Organized by John Hammerback (Communication, Emeritus)

April 22, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Florence Howe (Author, Editor, Publisher)
Feminist Publishing
Organized by Vicente Rafael (History)

May 2, 2011 ǀ Memorial Reading
Memorial Reading and Poetry Night for Hussein Al-Barghouthi
Organized by Amal Eqeiq (Comparative Literature)

May 3, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Gabriella Lukacs (Anthropology, University of Pittsburg)
Dreamwork: Cell Phone Novelists, Labor, and Politics in Contemporary Japan
Organized by Andrea Arai (Japan Studies Program, International Studies)

May 11, 2011 ǀ Lecture
Peter Shillingsburg (English, Loyola University, Chicago)
Moral Authority in Vanity Fair
Organized by Miceal Vaughan (English and Comparative Literature)

Co-Sponsored Community Events

October 28, 2010 ǀ Lecture
Georg Braungart (German, University of Tuebingen)
Writing Ghosts and the Wraiths of Art: The Aesthetic Dimension of Spiritualism around 1900
Co-Sponsored with the Frye Art Museum

November 18, 2010 ǀ Lecture
Sabine Wilke (Germanics)
“Dream Blossom” or the Origin of Modern Dance
Co-Sponsored with the Frye Art Museum

December 2, 2010 ǀ Lecture
Lotta Gavel-Adams (Scandinavian Studies)
August Strindberg and the Occult Societies in Paris in the 1890’s
Co-Sponsored with the Frye Art Museum

April 18, 2011 ǀ Dialogue
Jessica Burstein (English) A Conversation with Joyce Carol Oates
Co-Sponsored with Seattle Arts & Lectures