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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Co-Sponsored Events

Please note that, due to the current closures on the University of Washington campus and throughout our region, we are not accepting co-sponsored events requests at this time.

Every year the Simpson Center co-sponsors dozens of interdepartmental speaker events, conferences, and other scholarly events at UW with small discretionary grants. Co-sponsorships are limited to $750 and do not require Executive Board review.

The Simpson Center also co-sponsors with up to $500 events that feature UW faculty and graduate students as speakers or facilitators in community venues throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas. These venues include museums, galleries, municipal libraries, arts organizations, and community-based nonprofits. The Simpson Center supports these events with discretionary grants to encourage the practice of scholarship in the community and collaboration between UW faculty in the humanities and cultural institutions, which contribute so much to the intellectual and social vibrancy of greater Seattle. 

Learn how to apply for support for co-sponsored events.


Co-Sponsored Events

are supported by small discretionary grants for interdepartmental lectures, colloquia, and conferences at UW. Learn how to apply for support.