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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Programs + Projects Archive

Titlesort ascending Type Year of Funding
Spring 2015 2014/2015
Spring 2014 2013/2014
Spring 2013 2012/2013
Spring 2012 2011/2012
Spring 2011 2010/2011
Spaces of Possibility: Korea and Japan, In, Between, and Beyond the Nation Colloquia and Conferences 2012/2013
Space, Movement, and Translation Graduate Research Clusters 2015/2016
Sound Practices Large Scale Collaborations 2019/2020
Sound and Images: Video Essay Workshop Colloquia and Conferences 2018/2019
Society of Scholars - 2009/2010 2009/2010
Society of Scholars Fellowships 2020/2021
Socially Engaged Art in Japan Colloquia and Conferences 2015/2016
Slavic Linguistics Society Conference Colloquia and Conferences 2014/2015
Simon Werrett: "Fireworks: Pyrotechnic Arts and Sciences in European History (University of Chicago Press, 2010)" New Books in Print 2010/2011
Shu-mei Shih: "From World History to World Art: Reflections on New Geographies of Feminist Art in Asia" Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities 2012/2013
Shannon Dudley: "Music From Behind the Bridge: Steelband and Spirit and Politics in Trinidad and Tobago" New Books in Print 2008/2009
Shakespeare, Music, and Memory Colloquia and Conferences 2015/2016
Seattle’s Freeway Revolt: A Living Legacy of Civic Activism Public Scholarship 2015/2016
Seattle's Upside Down: Unearthing the City's Deeper Histories Courses 2018/2019
SeaTac-Seattle Minimum Wage Campaign History Project Public Scholarship 2015/2016
Scott Noegel : "Nocturnal Ciphers: The Punning Language of Dreams in the Ancient Near East (American Oriental Society, 2007)" New Books in Print 2007/2008
Science, Technology & Society Studies Large Scale Collaborations 2015/2016
Scale and Value: New and Digital Approaches to Literary History Colloquia and Conferences 2014/2015
Ronald Moore : "Natural Beauty: A Theory of Aesthetics Beyond the Arts (Broadview Press, 2007)" New Books in Print 2008/2009
Robin D.G. Kelley: "When Africa Was “The Thing”: Modern Jazz in Revolutionary Times" Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities 2010/2011
Robin D. G. Kelley: "What Is Racial Capitalism and Why Does It Matter?" Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities 2017/2018
Richard Gray: "Fabulation and Metahistory: W.G. Sebald and Recent German Holocaust Fiction" Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities 2009/2010
Returning to Stuart Hall: Dialogue, Critique, Practice Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2014/2015
Rethinking the Global Turn 2018/2019
Rethinking Marxism Conference: Stranger Economies Colloquia and Conferences 2012/2013