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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Programs + Projects Archive

Titlesort ascending Type Year of Funding
Interdisciplinary Freshwater Exploration Series on Dams Graduate Research Clusters 2018/2019
Interdisciplinary Ethnographies Graduate Research Clusters 2019/2020
Interdisciplinary and Transnational Feminist Approaches to 'the Private' Graduate Research Clusters 2017/2018
Inter-Asian Historiophoty Graduate Research Clusters 2018/2019
Information Ethics and Policy: Intellectual Property, Privacy, and Freedom of Speech Colloquia and Conferences 2012/2013
Indigenous Studies Graduate Research Clusters 2019/2020
Indigenous Encounters Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2011/2012
Improvisational Crossings: Social Dance as Interdisciplinary Intervention Colloquia and Conferences 2017/2018
Immigration, Toleration, and Human Rights Colloquia and Conferences 2016/2017
Imagining Trans Futures Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2020/2021
Ileana Rodríguez-Silva: "Silencing Race: Disentangling Blackness, Colonialism, and National Identities in Puerto Rico " New Books in Print 2012/2013
Humanities Career Exploration Course 2018/2019
Humanitarianisms: Migrations and Care Through the Global South Mellon Sawyer Seminars 2020/2021
Humanistic Perspectives on Global Health Partnerships Colloquia and Conferences 2016/2017
Human Interactions and Normative Innovations Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2011/2012
Human Interactions and Normative Innovation (HI-NORM) Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2012/2013
Human Interactions and Normative Innovation Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2013/2014
Horn of Africa Large Scale Collaborations 2019/2020
Histories and Futures of the Book Colloquia and Conferences 2013/2014
Histories and Futures of Reading Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2014/2015
Histories and Futures of Publication Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2015/2016
Historians at Work: Building Professional Networks 2017/2018
Herbert Blau: "As If: An Autobiography" New Books in Print 2011/2012
Hebrew and the Humanities Colloquia and Conferences 2015/2016
Hazard Adams : "The Day the Dogs Talked" New Books in Print 2011/2012
Hazard Adams: "On Blake's Marginalia" New Books in Print 2010/2011
Hazard Adams: "Academic Child (McFarland & Company, 2008)" New Books in Print 2008/2009
Hazard Adams: "The Offense of Poetry (University of Washington Press, 2007)" New Books in Print 2007/2008
HASTAC Scholars 2011/2012
HAPTICS Study Group Graduate Research Clusters 2020/2021