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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Programs + Projects Archive

Titlesort descending Type Year of Funding
Criteria for Successful Completion 2011/2012
Critical Design Graduate Research Clusters 2012/2013
Curating in Conversation Colloquia and Conferences 2019/2020
Current Electives 2017/2018
Current Fellows 2012/2013
Curriculum 2012/2013
Danny Hoffman: "The War Machines: Young Men and Violence in Sierra Leone and Liberia " New Books in Print 2011/2012
David Knechtges: "How to View a Mountain in Medieval China" Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities 2008/2009
David Shields : "The Novel Is Dead; Long Live the Anti-Novel" Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities 2016/2017
Davinder Bhowmik: "Writing Okinawa: Narrative Acts of Identity and Resistance (Routledge, 2008)" New Books in Print 2008/2009
Demystifying Digital Humanities 2014/2015
Demystifying the Digital Humanities 2012/2013
Derek Attridge: "Reading and Responsibility" Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities 2007/2008
Diana Taylor: "Taking to the Streets: Arts and Activism in the Americas" Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities 2011/2012
Digital Humanities Initiatives 2015/2016
Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships 2012/2013, 2011/2012, 2010/2011, 2009/2010
Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2013 Attendees Initiatives 2012/2013
Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2014 Attendees Initiatives 2013/2014
Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2015 Attendees Initiatives 2014/2015
Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2016 Attendees 2015/2016
Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2017 Attendees 2016/2017
Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2018 Attendees 2018/2019
Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria 2013/2014
Digital Research Summer Institute 2011/2012
Dipesh Chakrabarty: "Between Globalization and Global Warming: The Long and the Short of Human History" Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities 2009/2010
Disability Studies 2015/2016
Disability Studies Graduate Research Clusters 2019/2020
Disability Studies 2018/2019
Disability Studies Graduate Research Clusters 2018/2019
Dissent Images Graduate Research Clusters 2019/2020