Simpson Center for the Humanities

Programs + Projects Archive

Title Typesort descending Year of Funding
!Carnaval! Public Scholarship 2011/2012
Women Who Rock Large Scale Collaborations 2013/2014
Poetics of Subaltern Life-Worlds: New Research, New Imaginaries of Informal Economies in Contemporary India Colloquia and Conferences 2017/2018
Texts and Teachers Public Scholarship 2018/2019
Advising 2011/2012
Disability Studies Graduate Research Clusters 2019/2020
The Shifting Landscape of Public Communication Colloquia and Conferences 2018/2019
A Digitally-Networked International Conference on Ecology and Religion in Nineteenth-Century Studies Colloquia and Conferences 2019/2020
The Newbook Digital Texts in the Humanities Publications Collaborative Large Scale Collaborations 2013/2014
Admissions 2012/2013
Moving Image Research Group Graduate Research Clusters 2011/2012
Comics Studies Graduate Research Clusters 2015/2016
Performance Studies Research Group Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2014/2015
Spring 2016 2015/2016
2012-2013 Society of Scholars 2012/2013
Community Engaged Collaboration Public Scholarship 2019/2020
2011 DSRI Fellows and Projects 2011/2012
Profiles 2012/2013
Information Ethics and Policy: Intellectual Property, Privacy, and Freedom of Speech Colloquia and Conferences 2012/2013
Seattle’s Freeway Revolt: A Living Legacy of Civic Activism Public Scholarship 2015/2016
International Piers Plowman Society Conference Colloquia and Conferences 2015/2016
Queer Pedagogical Performance Graduate Research Clusters 2011/2012
Immigration, Toleration, and Human Rights Colloquia and Conferences 2016/2017
Pedagogies of Reciprocity: The Politics of International Education Large Scale Collaborations 2018/2019
Critical Design Graduate Research Clusters 2012/2013
Society of Scholars - 2009/2010 2009/2010
Axiomatic: The Creative Process in Art and Mathematics Collaboration Studio Grants 2016/2017
Indigenous Encounters Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2011/2012
African American Political Thought: Past and Present Colloquia and Conferences 2013/2014
Improvisational Crossings: Social Dance as Interdisciplinary Intervention Colloquia and Conferences 2017/2018