Programs + Projects Archive

Title Typesort ascending Year of Funding
Demystifying Digital Humanities 2014/2015
The Anthropocene Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2016/2017
Ethnographic Aesthetics: Image, Sound, Word Colloquia and Conferences 2015/2016
Practicum 2012/2013
Human Interactions and Normative Innovation Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2013/2014
Spaces of Possibility: Korea and Japan, In, Between, and Beyond the Nation Colloquia and Conferences 2012/2013
Queer Pedagogical Performance Graduate Research Clusters 2011/2012
Courses in Public Scholarship
Philosophy Branches Out 2016/2017
National Context 2012/2013
Hebrew and the Humanities Colloquia and Conferences 2015/2016
Palestine and the Public Sphere Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2014/2015
Medieval Studies Graduate Research Clusters 2012/2013
Indigenous Encounters Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2011/2012
Fall 2019 2019/2020
Interdisciplinary Ethnographies Graduate Research Clusters 2019/2020
Gender and Sexuality Graduate Research Clusters 2020/2021
The Race/Knowledge Project Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2010/2011
2020 Digital Humanities Summer Fellows 2020/2021
Humanitarianisms: Migrations and Care Through the Global South Mellon Sawyer Seminars 2020/2021
Spring 2015 2014/2015
Comparative Study of Race Graduate Research Clusters 2018/2019
Texts and Teachers Public Scholarship 2017/2018
Palestine and the Public Sphere Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2016/2017
ArtTalk—Conversations with Northwest Native Art Colloquia and Conferences 2014/2015
2011-2012 Society of Scholars 2011/2012
Re-mapping Imaginary and Imagined Communities Collaboration Studio Grants 2013/2014
Body and Media Graduate Research Cluster Graduate Research Clusters 2020/2021
&Now Festival of Innovative Writing: Points of Convergence Colloquia and Conferences 2019/2020
Capitalism and Comparative Racialization Collaboration Studio Grants 2017/2018