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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Programs + Projects Archive

Title Typesort descending Year of Funding
Performing the Gap Graduate Research Clusters 2012/2013
African Media and Materialities Graduate Research Clusters 2015/2016
Spring 2012 2011/2012
2018-2019 Society of Scholars 2018/2019
Black Embodiments Studio Large Scale Collaborations 2017/2018
Demystifying the Digital Humanities 2012/2013
Women Who Rock Large Scale Collaborations 2011/2012
Creating Survivance: Art and Indigenous Wellness Large Scale Collaborations 2018/2019
Psychoanalysis and Politics Graduate Research Clusters 2013/2014
Curating in Conversation Colloquia and Conferences 2019/2020
Moving Images Research Group (MIRG) Large Scale Collaborations 2014/2015
Public Scholarship Archive 2009/2010, 2008/2009, 2007/2008
Performing the Gap Graduate Research Clusters 2011/2012
Modality in Classical Chinese Colloquia and Conferences 2018/2019
New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia, and the World Colloquia and Conferences 2012/2013
Black Cinema Collective Graduate Research Clusters 2019/2020
Medieval Studies Graduate Research Clusters 2015/2016
Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships 2012/2013, 2011/2012, 2010/2011, 2009/2010
Shakespeare, Music, and Memory Colloquia and Conferences 2015/2016
Fall 2012 2012/2013
Winter 2020 2019/2020
Fall 2013 2013/2014
Comparative Study of Race Graduate Research Clusters 2016/2017
Fall 2014 2014/2015
The Postcolonial Animal: Nature/Culture/Empire Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2014/2015
Portfolio Review 2013/2014, 2012/2013
Performance Studies Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 2016/2017
Steering Committee 2019/2020
International Comic Arts Forum Colloquia and Conferences 2017/2018
Transformative Education Behind Bars Public Scholarship 2010/2011