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Simpson Center for the Humanities

2015-16 Co-Sponsored Events

Each year the Simpson Center co-sponsors many interdepartmental speaker events and conferences with small discretionary grants. Learn how to apply.

September 30, 2015
Nathaniel Mackey (Duke University) 
"Breath and Precarity"
Organized by Louis Chude-Sokei (English)

October 6, 2015
Robert Desjarlais (Sarah Lawrence)
Faculty and graduate student workshop and public talk"Poesis in Living and Dying"
Organized by María Elena García (Comparative History of Ideas)

October 9, 2015
Elizabeth Barber (Occidental College) 
"Reconstructing Dance in the Stone Age? Observations on the Comparative Method"
Organized by Olga Levaniouk (Classics)

October 16, 2015 | Conference
The Future of Theology? Religion, Art, and the Body 
Organized by Loryn Paxton (Comparative Religion Program) 

October 20, 2015 | Hosted Lunch
Faculty lunch discussion with journalist Jed Horne over issues of natural disasters, resilient communities, and government responses 
Organized by Thaisa Way (Landscape Architecture) 

October 22, 2015 
Keith Feldman (University of California, Berkeley)
“Palestine in Shadows: A Counter-history of American Racial Politics”
Organized by Dan Berger (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell)

November 6, 2015
Francis Halsall (National College of Art and Design, Dublin)
In conversation with art historians Kris Cohen (Reed College) and Johanna Gosse (Columbia University) on "Art World Systems: Network, Medium, Platform" 
Organized by James Coupe (DXARTS)

November 17, 2015 
Russell Berman (Stanford University)
"Zionism, the Novel, and Contemporary Debates"
Organized by Naomi Sokoloff (Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media)

November 17, 2015
Walden Bello (University of the Philippines)
“Promise and Performance: The Politics of Good Governance Under President Benigno Aquino III”
Organized by Vicente Rafael (History)

January 2016
Honorarium for Text & Teachers program
Organized by Gary Handwerk (English)

January 15, 2016
Jason W. Moore (Binghamton University)
“The Rise and Fall of Cheap Nature: A Brief History”
Organized by Luke Bergmann (Geography)

January 25, 2016
Chris Newfield (University of California, Santa Barbara)
“The Great Mistake: How Private-Sector Models Damage Public Universities and How They Can Recover”
Organized by Matthew Sparke (Jackson School of International Studies)  

February 11, 2016 | Panel Discussion
“Prophesizing the Global: A Conversation with Fabrice Monteiro”
Artist Fabrice Monteiro in conversation with Stephanie Smallwood (History) and Mark Auslander (Central Washington University)

February 12, 2016
John Troutman (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)
“Steel Guitars In Seattle: (Re)Centering Hawaiian Technology and Indigenous Musical Practice in the Birth of the Modern Music Industry”
Organized by José Antonio Lucero (Latin American and Caribbean Studies)

March 7, 2016
Kathryn Lofton (Yale University)
“State Secrets, Gay Marriage, and the Morning After Pill: Conscience in the Age of Corporate Religious Freedom,” the Founders Annual Lecture in Comparative Religion & Contemporary Life
Organized by James Wellman (Jackson School of International Studies, Comparative Religion)  

April 5, 2016 | Hosted Lunch, Lecture, and Reception
Stephanie Coontz (Evergreen State College)
“The Way We Never Were: How Myths about the Families of the Past Threaten Our Future”
2016 Stephanie M. H. Camp Memorial Lecture in the History of Race and Gender
Organized by Lynn Thomas (History)

April 15-16, 2016 | Conference
Insiders, Outsiders, & In-Betweens: Narratives Converging from Within and Without
2016 Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference
Organized by Kristina Pilz (Germanics)

April 20, 2016
Martin Krzywinski
“The Quality of Quantity”
Organized by Karen Cheng (Design)

April 21-23, 2016 | Performance and Conversation
Directions for a cloud-crowd with artists Anne Walsh, Jim Melchert, and Michael Swaine
Organized by Michael Swaine (Art)

April 28, 2016 | Lunch and Book Talk
Salgado Maranhão
Bilingual presentation of Afro-Brazilian poet Salgado Maranhão’s two recently published novels
Organized by Eduardo Viana da Silva (Spanish & Portuguese)

May 7, 2016
Laila Lalami (University of California, Riverside)
"Creativity in Art and Scholarship: Researching and Writing The Moor's Account"
Organized by Sandra Kroupa (Libraries Special Collections) 

May 7, 2016 | Workshop
Chinese New-Media Workshop
Outlined the state of the field in research on new media in the Chinese-speaking sphere
Organized by Yomi Braester (Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media)

May 9, 2016
David Nirenberg (University of Chicago)
“Anti-Judaism Past and Present”
Organized by Naomi Sokoloff (Near Eastern Languages & Civilization)