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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Simpson Center News homepage image of two women with text "Go fund a family"
The rise of crowdfunding on sites like GoFundMe reflects—and potentially worsens—inequities already at play in US health care, according to new research.
Senator Patty Murray with visitors in Senate corridor
The Simpson Center’s Andy Nestingen and Jon Hiskes spoke with Washington state’s Congressional offices about the life-changing power of humanities and language funding.
Lorraine Daston
Celebrated historian of science Lorraine Daston delivers a Katz Distinguished Lecture at 7 pm, Wednesday, April 19 in Kane Hall 210.
Essay Press has published a new chapbook based on a January 2016 symposium on translational poetics organized by Affect & Audience in the Digital Age.
Alondra Nelson
The author of celebrated books on race, genetics, history, and medicine delivers a Katz Distinguished Lecture on Wednesday, March 8.
Habell-Pallan interviews Girl in a Coma in front of camera
The new director of the Certificate in Public Scholarship draws on the cultural ferment among musicians, scholars, and communities.
Flags of four countries
An interdisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students examine the tangle of capitalism and race since the origins of European colonialism.
Barclay Simpson
The Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities invites nominations of University of Washington faculty members for the Barclay Simpson Prize for Scholarship in Public.
Footsteps on snowy campus footpath
The Simpson Center Executive Board has made its first round of funding awards for 2017-18 after receiving many strong proposals from UW faculty, graduate students, and staff. Congratulations to our recipients!
Marian Lyles in classroom
Rachel Arteaga has written an article for Inside Higher Ed about new partnerships between two-year colleges and doctoral programs in the humanities.