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Mother holds the hands of her two children as they walk in Queens
UW graduate students curate films for Seattle’s most diverse high school, discovering a new way to bring their scholarship to public audiences.
Partnership entry on dictionary page, courtesy Medicine Anthropology Theory
The open-access web journal Medicine Anthropology Theory has published a themed issue led by University of Washington faculty examining the notion of “partnership” as it’s used in global health and related fields.
Man stands near rubble in ruined tower
Anthropologist Danny Hoffman photographs urban forms to show how our lives are shaped by the spaces we inhabit.
Cristofovici, an accomplished scholar and novelist, will study the books in the Special Collection of UW Libraries for a project on artists’ books and independent publishers in the Pacific Northwest.
Sasha Su-Ling Welland (Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies) has a new book with Duke University Press about experimental
A long-running exploration of the contributions of Latinas and Latinos to US pop music has taken the form of a new bilingual book from the University of Washington Press.
Brian Reed
The preeminent poetry scholar and UW Chair of English delivered "Sing Along: Poetry and Birds," a Katz Distinguished Lecture.
Paul Farmer speaks at podium
The Partners in Health founder draws on history, anthropology, and clinical field work in a series of conversations with UW scholars about global-health inequities.
Kenworthy and Berliner
Journalists turn to UW’s Lauren Berliner and Nora Kenworthy to understand the rise of crowdfunding campaigns for health care costs.
Four students
The commentary site publishes three provocative articles arising from research on global health partnerships.