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The Simpson Center for the Humanities is pleased to announce our funding awards for 2021-2022 after receiving many strong proposals from University of Washington faculty and graduate students during the spring funding round. Thirteen Graduate...
Photos of Maral Atayeva (top left), Jessica Bachman (top right), Katia Chaterji (bottom left), and Yara Musad (bottom right). They are each smiling at the camera on a Zoom call.
As 2020-21 Collaborative Mellon Fellows for Reaching New Publics, we are invested in learning how higher education institutions can better meet the evolving needs of a diverse student body, and in identifying what institutional supports exist to...
Black and white collage of speaker profiles in YouTube series
At the end of this extraordinary academic year, we are delighted to announce that the full webinar series of the Mellon Sawyer Seminar Humanitarianisms: Migrations and Care through the Global South is now available online.
The New Ones Sculpture at the HRC Pop Health Building on Seattle Campus. Side profile of a bronze statue figure, blurred brick buildings in teh backgorund.
The 2021/2022 Katz Distinguished Lectures will feature three speakers whose lectures will focus on thinking Africa beyond the confines of the continent. Lectures topics will include African arts and the afterlives of injustice, cosmopolitanism and...
outdoor photo of James Gregory: short white hair and facial hair, glasses, smiling with closed lips at the camera and a blurred city backdrop
In 2005, James Gregory (History) began research into racial discrimination in housing covenants with support from the Simpson Center. Within a year, the project findings led to a law, passed by the Washington State legislature, that enables...
Author Katia Chaterji wearing orange and red standing in front of green flora
A few years ago, dance scholar Dr. Ratna Roy (Ratna mashi, as I called her in dance practice) told me that she was co-teaching a class with a brain scientist at Evergreen College, and I swallowed my gulp of water a little too fast. Imagining a...
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Given the challenges faculty face in the pandemic, the Simpson Center is pleased to pilot support in two categories in Summer 2021: First Book Fellowships and Faculty Summer Reading Groups. Congratulations to our award recipients and our warm thanks...
Portrait of Miriam Stein in a leather jacket, long dark hair, smiling at the camera. Plain grey backdrop.
Miriam Stein will discuss her book Berlin–Seoul–Berlin (2008), a literary memoir about a Korean-German adoptee’s first trip to her native South Korea since her birth there in the spring of 1977.
Portrait of James Tweedie. Photo Credit: Sasha Welland
James Tweedie (Professor, Cinema & Media Studies) has received a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work on a
Angled window ceiling as a backdrop to a close up of Rebecca Taylor smiling at the camera. She has red-brown long hair and bangs.
by Rebecca Taylor Apr. 12, 2021 Every transfer story is different.