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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Welcome to Visiting Scholar Sabina Vaught

The Simpson Center for the Humanities welcomes visiting scholar Sabina Vaught, who is currently in residence through June 2020.

Vaught is working on a book project tentatively entitled, Vanishment: Disappearance as Gendered Punishment. This project continues the ethnographic study of the relationships between schools and prisons she engaged in her most recent book, Compulsory: Education and the Dispossession of Youth in a Prison School (University of Minnesota Press, 2017), and is conceptualized in her recent article, “Vanishment: Girls, Punishment, and the Education State” (Teachers College Record). A critical ethnographer, Sabina is interested in race and gender dynamics of community knowledge insurgency, the mechanisms and collusions of state counter-insurgency and private supremacist power, and the promise of radical reimagining.

Sabina is the founder and co-chair of the Carceral Studies Consortium at the University of Oklahoma. She also teaches feminist studies Inside one state-identified girls locked facility, and has previously facilitated feminist studies groups with state- and self-identified women at MCI Framingham in Massachusetts. She is currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies in the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education at the University of Oklahoma, and previously worked at Tufts University in the Boston area.