Announcing Fellowship and Travel Awards for 2020-2021

The Simpson Center for the Humanities announces our fellowship and travel awards for 2020-2021 after receiving many strong proposals from University of Washington faculty and graduate students.

The Simpson Center Executive Board makes two rounds of awards during each academic year. During the spring funding round, the Simpson Center will welcome proposals for collaborative projects and graduate research clusters. Check back for funding round dates, instructions, and deadlines.

Congratulations to our award recipients and our warm thanks to all who applied.

2020-2021 Fellowships

Digital Humanities Summer Fellows

Christine Keating (Associate Professor, English)
Crowd-sourcing Constitutional Reform

Laurie Marhoefer (Associate Professor, History) and Taylor Soja (Graduate Student, History) 
Digital World Wars: Teaching Undergraduates DH Skills in a Large Lecture Format

Kate Norako (Assistant Professor, English)
The Richard Coer de Lyon Multitext (The RCLM)

Geoffrey Turnovsky (Associate Professor, French & Italian Studies) 
Creation of an Interdisciplinary Minor in Digital Textual Studies

Ying-Hsiu Chou (Graduate Student, Asian Languages & Literature) 
Deconstructing the Construction: The Female Images in Chinese Detective Films, 2010-2020

Melinda Cohoon (Graduate Student, Near and Middle Eastern Studies) and Solmaz Shakerifard (Graduate Student, Near and Middle Eastern Studies) 
Digital Iran: Narratives of (De)colonization in Video Games

Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria

Kaitlyn Boulding (Graduate Student, Classics) 
The Death and Afterlife of Cleopatra, a Radical Audio Guide

Verletta Kern (Digital Scholarship Librarian), Negeen Aghassibake (Data Visualization Librarian), Beth Lytle (Instructional Technologist, Libraries), Lauren Ray (Open Education and Psychology Librarian) 
Advancing Research for the Public Good:  Digital Scholarship Support for the Open Scholarship Commons

Caitlin Postal (Graduate Student, English), Kaelie Giffel (Graduate Student, English), Sara Lovett (Graduate Student, English), Barkley Ramsey (Graduate Student, English)
Critical Digital Pedagogies

Rebecca Taylor (Graduate Student, English)

Mellon Summer Fellows for New Graduate Seminars in the Humanities

Stephanie Clare (Assistant Professor, English) and Jesse Oak Taylor (Associate Professor, English) 
Ecocriticism / Feminist and Queer Publics

Liora Halperin (Associate Professor, History) and Arbella Bet-Shlimon (Associate Professor, History) 
Writing the History of Communities from the Middle East in the Puget Sound Region

Colin Marshall (Associate Professor, Philosophy) and Ian Schnee (Senior Lecturer, Philosophy) 
Advanced Philosophy of Persuasion Courses

Mellon Summer Fellows for Public Projects in the Humanities

Nanya Jhingran (PhD Student, English) and BrittNEY Frantece (PhD Student, English) 
Manifesting the Ecstatic: Spiritual Activism & Storytelling in Seattle Communities of Color

Frances O'Shaughnessy (PhD Student, History) and Alika Bourgette (PhD Student, History) 
An Interactive Detour of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909)

Paul Tubig (PhD Candidate, Philosophy) and Anna Bates (PhD Student, Philosophy) 
Philosophy Behind/Beyond Bars

Society of Scholars Fellows

Daniel Bessner (Associate Professor, Jackson School of International Studies)
The RAND Corporation: A History

Maryam Griffin (Assistant Professor, IAS Bothell)
Vehicles of Decolonization: Politics and Public Transportation in the Palestinian West Bank

Liora Halperin (Associate Professor, History) 
The Deed: Blood, Ownership, and Memory in Palestine and Israel

Danny Hoffman (Professor, Anthopology)
Sparo: A Political Portrait 

Bettina Judd (Assistant Professor, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies) 
Feelin: Creative Practice, Pleasure Politics, and Black Feminist Thought

Devin Naar (Associate Professor, History)
Another Race Problem: Sephardic Jews, Race, and Migration in the American Empire      

Linh Thuy Nguyen (Assistant Professor, American Ethnic Studies) 
Generations After: Making the Refugee Family and the Intergenerational Memory of the Vietnam War

Adair Rounthwaite (Assistant Professor, School of Art + Art History + Design) 
This Is Not My World: Art and Public Space in Socialist Zagreb            

Cleo Woelfle-Erskine (Assistant Professor, Marine and Environmental Affairs  
Underflows: Transfiguring Rivers, Queering Ecology

Robert Anderson (PhD Candidate, Geography) 
Producing Wolves: the Cultural Politics of Wolf Conservation and Management

Yuta Kaminishi (PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media) 
Industrial Mobility: A Media History of Oshima Nagisa           

Taylor Soja (PhD Candidate, History) 
Little World Wars: Violence and Experience in the British Empire, 1885-1981