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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Announcing Funding Awards for 2019-20

The Simpson Center for the Humanities announces our first round of funding awards for 2019-20 after receiving many strong proposals from University of Washington faculty and graduate students.

The Simpson Center Executive Board makes two rounds of awards during each academic year. The fall funding round includes collaborative projects, nominations for Katz Distinguished Lecturers in the Humanities, and a number of research fellowship categories.

During the spring funding round (proposals due April 26, 2019) the Simpson Center welcomes proposals for collaborative projects and graduate research clusters.

Congratulations to our award recipients and our warm thanks to all who applied.

Collaborative Projects

Colloquia and Conferences

&Now 2019:  Points of Convergence - Amaranth Borsuk (Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell) Abraham Avnisan (Artist in Residence, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell) Jeanne Heuving (Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell) Maya Sonenberg (Professor, English)

In the Vortex (or, Whither Neoliberalism?) – Eva Cherniavsky (Professor, English)

A Digitally-Networked International Conference on Ecology and Religion in Nineteenth-Century Studies – Charles LaPorte (Associate Professor, English) Jesse Oak Taylor (Associate Professor, English) Gary Handwerk (Professor, Comparative Literature, Cinema, and Media Studies)

Community-Engaged Scholarship and Teaching

Communities of the Horn of Africa – Joel Walker (Associate Professor, History) Hamza Zafer (Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages) Jeff Haines (PhD Student, History) Raymond Jonas (Professor, History) Annie Nguyen (Lecturer, Culture Arts and Communication, UW Tacoma)

Graduate Education

Summer Institute on Global Indigeneities 2019 - José Antonio Lucero (Associate Professor, Jackson School of International Studies) and Chadwick Allen (Associate Vice Provost, Professor, English and American Indian and Indigenous Studies)

Fellowship Awards

Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships

Jennifer Bean (Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media), Archival Trouble: "Found-Footage Criticism" and Early Cinema

Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse (Assistant Professor/Curator, Art + Art History + Design), Kans Hiłile (‘Making it Right’)–A Collaborative Reframing of Kwakiutl Film and Audio Recordings with Franz Boas, 1930

Ellen Chang (Doctoral Student, Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media), Untitled Vignettes: Multisensory Encounter, Audiovisual Symphony, and the Contemporary Multimedia Art of Taiwan

Amanda Doxtater (Assistant Professor, Scandinavian Studies), The Muzzy Cigarette: A Videographic Look at Carl Th. Dreyer's "Gertrud" (1964)            

Kate Norako (Assistant Professor, English), Richard Coer de Lyon: A Medieval Multi-text

Isaac Rivera (Doctoral Student, Geography), Digitizing The Sacred: Water, Struggle, and the Digital Legal Geography of Standing Rock

Rachel Schlotfeldt (Doctoral Student, English), Speculative Race and Technology in Narrative Hypertext

Judy Twedt (Doctoral Student, Atmospheric Sciences), Arctic Climate Change Through Human Narratives and Data-as-Music

Mellon Summer Fellowships for New Graduate Seminars in the Humanities

Jason Groves (Assistant Professor, Germanics), Publishing, Collecting, and Performing (in) the Environmental Humanities

Christine Harold (Associate Professor, Communication), Featuring Capitalism: A Rhetorical History of American Capitalism in Film

Candice Rai (Associate Professor, English), Rhetoric, Urban Justice, and Public Engagement

Mellon Summer Fellowships for Public Projects in the Humanities

Andrea Delgado (Doctoral Student, Comparative Literature, Cinema, and Media), Captured on VHS: Personal Narratives Situated in History

Erin Gilbert (Doctoral Student, Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media), Forage Narratives: Nature Walks and Knowledge Coproduction

Chelsea Grimmer (Doctoral Student, English), The Poetry Vlog

Meshell Sturgis (Doctoral Student, Communication), Drawing Girls Together: An AutobioGRAPHICal Anthology

Society of Scholars Fellowships

Davinder Bhowmik (Associate Professor, Asian Languages and Literature), Off Base:  The Rhetoric of Peace in Japan's Military Basetown Literature

María Elena García (Associate Professor, Comparative History of Ideas), Landscapes of Death: Political Violence Beyond the Human in the Peruvian Andes

Jenna Grant (Assistant Professor, Anthropology), Fixing the Image: Medical Imaging in Phnom Penh

Belinda He (Doctoral Student, Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media), The Invention of Hostile Views:  Class Struggle, Exposure, and Cinema as Show Trial in Revolutionary China, 1925-1985

Jang Wook Huh (Assistant Professor, American Ethnic Studies), Transpacific Encounters: Race and Radicalism in the Making of "Afro-Korean" Literature

Ray Jonas (Professor, History), Borderlands: A Global History of the Mexican Second Empire

Adrian Kane (Doctoral Student, History), Narrating Sex: Transitional Bodies and "Expertise" in the British Empire and Commonwealth, 1945-1970

LaTaSha Levy (Assistant Professor, American Ethnic Studies), Race Matters in the GOP

Laurie Marhoefer (Associate Professor, History), Homosexuality, Transgender, Fascism, and the Holocaust: A New History

Rae Paris (Assistant Professor, English), Third Person/She

Lily Shapiro (Doctoral Student, Anthropology), (Re)Constructing the Body: Factory Accidents and Reconstructive Surgery in South India

Priti Ramamurthy (Professor, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies), The Country and the City: Poetic Lives in India's Informal Economy

Christopher Teuton (Professor, American Indian Studies), ᎠᏂ ᏣᎳᎩ ᎡᎶᎯ ᎠᏁᎯ Ani Tsalagi Elohi Anehi - Cherokee Earth Dwellers