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Regina Yung Lee Creates Publicly Engaged Course on Feminist New Media Studies

Yung LeeRegina Yung Lee (Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies) has developed a new graduate seminar based on her work as a 2017 Mellon Summer Fellow for New Graduate Seminars in the Humanities. The fellowship, part of the Simpson Center’s Reimagining the Humanities PhD and Reaching New Publics program, gathers a cohort of UW faculty to develop new courses with significant public scholarship components. 

Faculty not only present scholarship differently in the classroom, they also create coursework that asks students to learn methods and approaches in public scholarship. Other fellows in the program will offer new courses in winter and spring 2018.

Regina’s course, Feminist New Media Studies (GWSS 590B), offered this fall, asks students to consider what’s at stake in the illusion or fantasy of online disembodiment.

From the course description:

By examining varying forms of media production, and the spread and mediation of voluntary production, we bring into focus the hidden body of online work. Throughout the course we think through the insistence on a default whiteness implicit in the silencing of the body online, coming to grips with the persistent meaning-making of race as well as gender in the context of online environments. This course includes specific tools for digital object creation and analysis, and a discussion of practical cybersecurity protocols, as well as professionalization through the development of a new-media proposal from concept through implementation and first draft.

Congratulations, Regina!