Simpson Center for the Humanities

Liina-Ly Roos Awarded Alvord Fellowship in the Humanities

Liina-Ly RoosLiina-Ly Roos, a doctoral student in Scandinavian Studies, has received the Alvord Fellowship in the Humanities for her teaching and her research in Estonian literature and film, Baltic cinema, and Nordic cinema and culture. She will join the Society of Scholars at the Simpson Center for 2017-2018.

The Alvord Fellowship is the College of Arts & Science’s most prestigious graduate student award in the humanities, providing a stipend of $16,000 provided by private donors, and a waiver of tuition provided by the Graduate School. Liina-Ly was also awarded a scholarship from the Frank L. and Catherine D. Doleshy Endowed Fund.

Her dissertation, “The Child in Contemporary Baltic and Scandinavian Literature and Cinema,” uses the figure of the child to analyze questions of traumatic experience and traumatic witnessing.

“Drawing on trauma theory and affect theory, Liina-Ly’s project has the potential to make a fundamental contribution to our understanding of the way traumatic experience has been handled culturally in the Baltic,” said Andy Nestingen, Professor and Chair of Scandinavian Studies and Liina-Ly’s dissertation advisor. “This is a salient topic of research, for trauma is integral to memory of the World-War-II experience, the Soviet period, and continues to resonate in the post-Soviet transition to capitalism ... Her dissertation has much to offer to a number of audiences. I expect it to become a fine book in the coming years.”

Congratulations, Liina-Ly!