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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Announcing First Round of Funding Awards for 2017-18

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The Simpson Center for the Humanities announces our first round of funding awards for 2017-18 after receiving many strong proposals from University of Washington faculty, graduate students, and staff.

The Simpson Center Executive Board makes two rounds of awards each year. The fall funding round includes collaborative projects, Katz lecture nominations, and Society of Scholars fellowship grants. Separate selection committees also awarded Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships and Mellon Summer Fellowships through the program Reimagining the Humanities PhD and Reaching New Publics.

The spring funding round (proposals due April 28) includes additional collaborative projects, including graduate-student research clusters.

Congratulations to our recipients!

Collaborative Projects

Collaboration Studio Grants

Capitalism and Comparative Racialization - Megan Francis (Political Science) and Jack Turner (Political Science)

*With additional funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for a John E. Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures

The Past, Present, and Future of US Global Health Partnerships in Africa - Johanna Crane (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell), Nora Kenworthy (Nursing, UW Bothell), and Lynn Thomas (History)

*With additional funding from the UW Population Health Initiative

Colloquia and Conferences

International Comic Arts Forum 2017 - José Alaniz (Slavic Languages & Literatures)

Memory Construction and Emotion in India, Past and Present - Heidi Pauwels (Asian Languages & Literature)

Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters

The Anthropocene - Jason Groves (Germanics) and Jesse Oak Taylor (English)

Summer Institute for Doctoral Students

Summer Institute on Global Indigeneities 2017 - José Antonio Lucero (Jackson School of International Studies) 

Fellowship Grants

Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships

Dan Berger (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell), Northwest Prison Archive

Negin Dahya (Information School), Feminist Politics of Belonging: Participatory Culture and Youth Digital Video Production

José I. Fusté (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell) and Jade Power-Sotomayor (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell), The Bomba Wiki Project: Oral, Aural, and Corporeal History and Community-Making through Bomba Music and Dance

Sasha Welland (Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies), Monumental Ephemeral: Gender and Globalization in Chinese Contemporary Art

Michael Degerald (Interdisciplinary Near & Middle East Studies), Digital Traces of Iraq's Cultural and Political History

Alma Khasawnih (Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies), Digital Archival Map

Roneva Keel (History) and Eleanor Mahoney (History), Mapping Northlake: Seattle’s Hinterlands in Global Perspective

Sarah Ross (Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media), The Poiesis of Image-Signs in Modernist Cinema

Mellon Summer Fellowships for New Graduate Seminars in the Humanities

Carmen Gonzalez (Communication), Community-Based Research Methods

Stephen Groening (Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media), Public Spheres, Public Media: Activism, Community, Networks

Regina Yung Lee (Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies), Feminist New Media Studies

Mellon Summer Fellowships for Public Projects in the Humanities

Julian Barr (Geography), The Original Seattle Gayborhood: A Public Historical Walking Tour of Seattle’s Lesbian & Gay Past

Monica Cortés Viharo (Drama), Tacoma Civil Rights Performance Walk

Lauren Drakopulos (Geography), See Shanties: Carto-visual Narrative in Public Science

P. Joshua Griffin (Anthropology), The Kivalina Archive: Applying the Climate Humanities Across Multiple Publics

Society of Scholars Fellowships

Jordanna Bailkin (Professor, History), Unsettled: Refugee Camps and the Making of Multicultural Britain

Yomi Braester (Professor, Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media), Keywords for the Digital City

Darren Byler (Doctoral Candidate, Anthropology), The Art of Life in Chinese Central Asia: Precariousness, Art, and Minority Politics in the City

Shannon Cram (Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell), Unmaking the Bomb: Nuclear Cleanup and the Politics of Impossibility

Susan Gaylard (Associate Professor, French & Italian), Beautiful Monsters: Erasing Women from Renaissance Histories

Ana M. Gómez-Bravo (Professor, Spanish & Portuguese), Feeding Race: Food Culture and Blood Purity in Inquisitorial Spain

Olivia Gunn (Assistant Professor, Scandinavian Studies), Empty Nurseries, Queer Occupants: Reproduction in Henrik Ibsen's Late Plays

Elizabeth Janssen (Doctoral Candidate, English), Terms and Conditions: Race, Literary Value, and US Reading Publics

Jeffrey Knight (Associate Professor, English), Shakespeare and the Test of Time: A Study in Literary Duration

Christian Novetzke (Professor, Jackson School of International Studies), The Political Theology of Yoga

Jesse Oak Taylor (Assistant Professor, English), Becoming Species: Literature, Science, and the Emergence of the Anthropocene

Sarah Ross (Doctoral Candidate, Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media), Architecting Sight: Cinema's Poiesis of Image-Signs