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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Welcome to Visiting Scholar and Poet Lisa Samuels

Samuels and Simpson Center logo

The Simpson Center for the Humanities welcomes visiting scholar Lisa Samuels, who is in residence January through June 2016.

Samuels has published thirteen books of poetry and prose, with recent experiments in memoir (Anti M, 2013) and the novel (Tender Girl, 2015). Her book-length transmigration poem Tomorrowland (2009) is being made into an art film by director Wes Tank, and her poetry has inspired musical scores by composer Frédéric Pattar and others. Samuels also creates soundwork and writes critical essays, including Over Hear: six types of poetry experiment in Aotearoa/New Zealand (2015). Her book A TransPacific Poetics, edited with Sawako Nakayasu, will be published in 2016. Current projects include The Civic Unconscious (poems) and The Long White Cloud of Unknowing (prose). A US-born transnational poet, Samuels has lived in Sweden, Israel/Palestine, Yemen, Malaysia, Spain, and, since 2006, in Aotearoa/New Zealand, where she teaches at the University of Auckland.