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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Simpson Center Announces Spring 2014 Grant Recipients

The Simpson Center’s Executive Board has awarded support to UW scholars for 2014-15 year. Simpson Center funding sponsors a wide range of activities, including cross-departmental research clusters, graduate student interest groups, and scholarly conferences.  

The following is a list of projects and their lead organizers who will receive funding, based on this Spring’s grant round:

Colloquia and Conferences

  • African Pictures in Theory and Practice: Public Scholarship and African Cinema - Ron Krabill (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell)
  • American Comparative Literature Association 2015 Conference - Gary Handwerk (English)
  • ArtTalk: Conversations with Northwest Native Art - Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse (Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Coast Art, Burke Museum)
  • Cascadia Seminar in Medical Anthropology – Janelle Taylor (Anthropology)
  • The Roles of Fiction in Early Modern Philosophy - Michael Rosenthal (Philosophy)
  • Surveillance and Privacy: Art, Law, and Social Practice - Rachel Faust (Henry Art Gallery)

Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters

  • Palestine and the Public Sphere - Eva Cherniavsky (English)
  • Performance Studies – Scott Magelssen (Drama)
  • WIRED: Women Investigating Race, Ethnicity, and Difference - Sonal Khullar (Art History)

Large-Scale Collaborations

  • Moving Images Research Group (MIRG) - Jennifer Bean (Comparative Literature) and Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges (English)


  • Demystifying the Digital Humanities - Brian Gutierrez (English), Sarah Kremen-Hicks (English), and Paige Morgan (English)

Graduate Interest Groups

  • Medieval Studies - Meagan Loftin (English), Brian Hardison (English), Sarah Kate Moore (English), Katherine Snider (French), and Peter Wallis (Learning Technologies).
  • Moving Images Research Group (MIRG) - Jasmin Krakenberg (Germanics), Ungsan Kim (English), Joel Strom (French & Italian), Jessica Campbell (English), Rachel Graf (English), Verena Kick (Germanics), Anatoliy Klots (Slavic Languages & Literatures), Paul Morton (Comparative Literature), Jennifer McClearen (Communication), Sarah Ross (Comparative Literature), and Pétur Valsson (Scandinavian Studies)
  • Public/School: An Interdisciplinary Editorial Collective - Christopher Santo Domingo Chan (Anthropology), Michelle Hope Anderson (English), Jeremy Dashiell (Political Science), Matthew Gockel (Social Work), Marlaine Figueroa Gray (Anthropology), Jenn Huff (Anthropology), Rachel Lee (Anthropology), Joshua Potter (English), Lillian Prueher (Anthropology), and Whitney Seferos (Anthropology)
  • Reading and Writing Affect – Denise Grollmus (English), Emily Bald (English), Nathaniel Bond (Asian Languages & Literatures), Catherine Bresner (English/Poetry MFA), Liz Janssen (English), Lise Lalonde (Comparative Literature), Angela Duran Real (Spanish & Portuguese), Liina-Ly Roos (Scandinavian Studies), Tesla Schaeffer (English), and Zachary Tavlin (English)
  • Teaching with Technology – A.J. Burgin (English), Rachel Arteaga (English), Tiffany Grobelski (Geography), Verena Kick (Germanics), Tesla Schaeffer (English), and Peter Wallis (Education)

Funding rounds are administered in the Fall and Spring annually. The deadline for the Fall Funding Round is November 14, 2014. Learn more about Simpson Center funding opportunities.