Simpson Center Announces Fall 2013 Funding Awards

The Simpson Center has awarded support to UW scholars and projects for 2014-15 year. Simpson Center funding sponsors a wide range of activities, including Society of Scholars and Digital Humanities Commons Summer fellowships for UW faculty and doctoral students, cross-departmental research groups, and scholarly conferences.  

Recipients of awards given in this year’s Fall funding round include:


Digital Humanities Commons Summer Fellowship Grants

Annie Fee (Comparative Literature), Cinephiles and Movie-Fans: A Counter-Cartography of Paris Film Culture, 1918—1928

Joshua Griffin (Anthropology), Archiving the Future: Politics and Possibilities for Climate-Induced Relocation in Northwest Alaska

Michelle Habell-Pallán (Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies) and Sonnet Retman (American Ethnic Studies), Women Who Rock:  An Oral History Archive

Verena Kick (Germanics), Visible Databases

Jeffrey Knight (English), Reading Networks in Renaissance England: Print and the Parker Circle

Pamela Pietrucci (Communication), Digital Topographies of Post-Earthquake L’Aquila, Italy

Sasha Welland (Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies), Experimental Beijing: Engendering Contemporary Art Worlds in China's Capital


Society of Scholars Fellowship Grants

Beatrice Arduini (French & Italian), The Conversion of Literary Icons: Dante’s Convivio and Rime

Luke Bergmann (Geography), Speculative Cartographies: GIS After Encounters with the Environmental Humanities

Habiba Ibrahim (English), Out of Time: Black Temporality and the Neoliberal Postmodern Age

Justin Jesty (Asian Languages & Literature), Art and Engagement in Japan’s Early Postwar

Symbol Lai (History), Decolonizing Okinawa: Social Science, Agriculture, US Militarism, 1946—1956

Charles LaPorte (English), The Bard, the Bible, and the Victorian Cult of Shakespeare

Leigh Mercer (Spanish & Portuguese), An Incoherent Voyage: Spanish Cinema Pioneers, Between Technophilia and Technophobia

Stefka Mihaylova (Drama), Viewers in Distress: Restaging the Socially Marked Body at the Turn of Century 

Hoang Ngo (History), Building a New House for the Buddha: Social Engagement and the Vietnamese Buddhist Revival, 1927—1996

Amy Reed-Sandoval (Philosophy), Immigrant Oppression and Social Justice

Cabeiri Robinson (Jackson School of International Studies), Humanitarian Jihad and Humanitarianism, Incorporated: Natural Disaster, Charitable Organizations, and the Making of a Tourist Industry in Northern Pakistan

Benjamin Schmidt (History), Space as Thing: How China Became China(ware) and Other Chapters in the History of European Geography and Material Arts


Collaboration Studio Grants 

Thaisa Way (Landscape Architecture), Susan Kemp (Social Work), and Kim England (Geography), LULab: Curating Collaborative Research in the Digital Realm


Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters 

Sarah Dowling (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell), Amaranth Borsuk (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell), and Brian Reed (English), Affect and Audience in the Digital Age

Maria Elena Garcia (Comparative History of Ideas and Jackson School of International Studies), Louisa Mackenzie (French & Italian), and Michael Brown (Geography), The Postcolonial Animal

Geoffrey Turnovsky (French & Italian), Beatrice Arduini (French & Italian), Jennifer Dubrow (Asian Languages & Literature), and Jeffrey Knight (English), Histories and Futures of Reading: Textual and Digital Studies in the New Humanities

Sabine Wilke (Germanics), Gary Handwerk (English), Steve Gardiner (Philosophy), Linda Nash (History), Richard Watts (French & Italian), and Jennifer Atkinson (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell), Environmental Humanities


Scholarly Conference

Marshall Brown (Comparative Literature), Modern Language Quarterly Conference - Scale and Value: New Digital Approaches to Literary History


Funding rounds are administered in the Fall and Spring annually. The deadline for the Spring Funding Round is May 2, 2014. Learn more about Simpson Center funding opportunities.

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