2013-14 Society of Scholars Fellowships Awarded

Fourteen UW scholars have been selected to participate in the Society of Scholars fellowship program for the 2013-14 academic year. Facilitated by the Simpson Center, the Society of Scholars is an intellectual community in which scholars of diverse generations, academic ranks, and departmental affiliations contribute to and learn from one another’s work.

The 2013-14 Society of Scholars will include ten faculty and four dissertation research fellowship recipients:

Faculty Fellows

  • Stephanie Camp (History), “Black Beauty: An American History”
  • Heekyoung Cho (Asian Languages & Literature), “Translation’s Forgotten History: Russian Literature, Japanese Mediation, and the Formation of Modern Korean Literature”
  • Jennifer Dubrow (Asian Languages & Literature), “The Novel and the Newspaper: Modern Fiction and Print in Colonial India”
  • Susan Harewood (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell), “Soca Vibes: Learning to Perform the Nation”
  • Stephen Gardiner (Philosophy), “A Vision of Intergenerational Ethics”
  • Ralina Joseph (Communication), “Speaking Back to Screens: How Black Women Resist Post Identity Politics”
  • Devin Naar (History and Jackson School of International Studies), “Reimagining the Sephardic Diaspora”
  • Scott Radnitz (Jackson School of International Studies), “Conspiracy as a Mode of Political Discourse in Post-Soviet Russia and Georgia”
  • Candice Rai (English), “Democratic Persuasions: Rhetoric, Politics, and Contested Publics”
  • Phillip Thurtle (Comparative History of Ideas), “Super-Naturalisms: Animating Post-Genomic Biology”

Dissertation Fellows

  • William Arighi (Comparative Literature), “This Humble Work: Aesthetics and Imperialism in the Late Spanish Empire”
  • Heather Arvidson (English), “Fictions of Impersonality: The Cultural Work of Modernist Aesthetics”
  • Jessie Kindig (History), “Telling War Stories: The Korean War, Remembered Forgetting, and American Empire”
  • Shruti Patel (History), “Creating Religion for the Modern World: The Rise of the Swaminarayan Community in Gujarat, 1800-1900”

The group will meet biweekly throughout the year at the Simpson Center to discuss their research in progress. 

Learn more about the Society of Scholars fellowship program.

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