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Simpson Center for the Humanities

CSPN Travel Awards

The Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest (CSPN) invites applications from full-time UW faculty and graduate students for research travel grants to support scholarly projects related to the Pacific Northwest. Priority is given to Ph.D. dissertation and book monograph projects. Although CSPN generally defines the Pacific Northwest geographically—the stretch of North America west of eastern Montana and north of California—we welcome applications that explore and critique the very idea of the Pacific Northwest as a regional and historical concept. CSPN accepts applications from any discipline or interdisciplinary field in the social sciences and humanities.

Applications are submitted via the Simpson Center; then reviewed and administered by the CSPN. Inquiries should be addressed to the Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest at or 206-543-8656.

Application deadline: Wednesday, November 14, 2012.

Complete applications include:

  • Project Description and Rationale (no more than 1,500 words).
  • Budget (maximum of $1,500, limited to support travel for research—e.g., airfare, lodging, photocopying fees).
  • CV (limited to 5 pages).Letter of Support from Dissertation Advisor (for graduate students).