Simpson Center for the Humanities

Public Scholarship / Community Engagement

Applications accepted for both fall and spring funding rounds.

Public Scholarship awards support humanities-based research, teaching, and engagement projects that promote dialogue, exchange, and collaboration between University of Washington scholars and the greater Seattle community, including community partners in educational, cultural, governmental, non-profit, and grassroots organizations.

Public Scholarship is a capacious category. It includes diverse forms of creating, transforming, or disseminating knowledge about, for, and with various publics and communities. Projects may yield plural public and academic artifacts (e.g. policy and planning recommendations; museum exhibitions and public performances; new curricula for courses or workshops; or book and journal articles).

The Simpson Center encourages Public Scholarship projects at all stages of development, from small-scale pilot partnerships to large-scale collaborations. Faculty members only are invited to apply as the lead on public scholarship projects. Funding awards do not cover summer salary or course buyouts during the academic year.

Previously funded examples include:


Proposals will be evaluated for their intended outcomes and potential to contribute to scholarship, along with their fidelity to the values that underwrite authentic forms of collaboration and partnership: relationship-building, reciprocity, and mutual benefit; participation, transparency, and reflection; innovation, integration, and dialogue; cultural diversity and social equality. Projects must be led by UW faculty; the Simpson Center does not fund proposals submitted on behalf of organizations outside of UW.

Public Scholarship /
Community Engagement