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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Co-Sponsored Events

Co-Sponsored UW Events

Faculty members may request small discretionary grants (maximum $750) to support opportunities such as visiting speakers and conferences. At least two units must be involved to propose an event (for example, the South Asia Center and the Department of History might collaborate on bringing a visiting speaker to UW). Applications are accepted throughout the year and do not go through Executive Board review.

Letters requesting co-sponsorship funds should:

  • Describe the event
  • Link to the visiting speaker’s academic profile (if applicable)
  • Specify how much is being requested and how the funds will be used
  • Identify at least two units (other than the Simpson Center) that will support the event in some substantive way

Please note: Co-sponsorship funding supplements the support of the lead unit, which is expected to administer funding and the event. The Simpson Center can provide publicity but does not assume additional organizational responsibilities for co-sponsored UW events.

Scheduling note: The Simpson Center does not co-sponsor events that conflict with other events we are supporting.

Co-sponsored Community Events

Grants in the range of $200-$500 may also be given to support co-sponsored community events that include UW faculty or graduate students speaking at or otherwise collaborating with cultural institutions in Seattle and the surrounding areas. These venues may include museums, galleries, nonprofits in the arts, social equity, and social justice, and other organizations benefiting the community and enhancing its intellectual and artistic vibrancy.

Letters requesting co-sponsorship funds should:

  • Describe the event
  • Specify how much is being requested and how the funds will be used
  • State how the UW and the Seattle community will benefit

There is no deadline for co-sponsorship requests. Funding allocations begin each July, and requests later in the year may find that funds are unavailable.

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