Roles and Responsibilities on Funded Projects

In reviewing proposals for Simpson Center support, the Executive Board may decide to provide funding and staff support as requested; it may also provide partial support. It may suggest partnering with other units in support of the project or rescaling the project according to available resources.

The following provides a general overview of the administrative requirements for collaborative projects such as conferences, symposia, and speaker series. It outlines how the roles and responsibilities for supporting such projects are commonly divided between the faculty project coordinators and Simpson Center staff. In some cases, we may request that a faculty member’s home department cover some roles and responsibilities.

If your proposal is selected for support, we will prepare an individualized advance agreement and review it with you.

The following list is a general, non-exhaustive overview of the roles and responsibilities of faculty and staff collaborating on Simpson Center funded projects.

Faculty Organizers

Faculty coordinators (principal investigators) are responsible for:

  • Meeting with Simpson Center staff to establish an agreed-upon project plan, with deadlines
  • Coordinating event dates and venues with the Simpson Center
  • Developing the concept and structure of the event(s)
  • Issuing and tracking invitations to participate in various parts of the program
  • Direct correspondence with and contact for invited guests regarding the terms of the invitation and the content of the program
  • Conveying this information to Simpson Center staff according to agreed-upon schedules
  • Creating and communicating the guest itinerary for the visit (including lunches, dinners, and local transportation arrangements) to all participants
  • Preparing a report on the event

Simpson Center Staff

The Simpson Center may support all or some of the following project administration needs; it may seek to partner with another unit on the same:

  • Booking venues for the event
  • Arranging visas, as required
  • Arranging hotel accommodations, as required
  • Arranging air travel and/or processing reimbursement for travel, as required
  • Processing honoraria, as specified
  • Arranging catering, according to support plans and budget
  • Developing, scheduling, and publicizing related courses
  • Scheduling or hiring project support, according to budget and needs
  • Preparing and distributing publicity, according to budget and needs
  • Processing reimbursement for budgeted meals (hosted dinners, etc.)
  • Coordinating payments and transfers with other units supporting the project/event

We encourage applicants to meet with us before submitting a proposal. To schedule a meeting, contact Assistant Director Rachel Arteaga.