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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Publicity Support

The Simpson Center offers publicity assistance for funded projects through a variety of channels:

We also offer programs for conferences, symposia, and workshops.

When relevant, we also pitch stories to media contacts on and off campus.

If you’re interested in publicity steps beyond those listed above, please request them in your budget and proposal. These may include posters, postcards, brochures, and websites, and services such as graphic design, printing, postage and distribution, audio/visual recording, and website design and maintenance. The Simpson Center and its Executive Board will evaluate such requests.

Determining Publicity Needs

If you are interested in including in your budget publicity items beyond those that the Simpson Center provides, the following questions may be helpful:

Why am I communicating about my project?

  • Creating awareness about a program or project?
  • Promoting a specific event that I want people to attend?
  • Recruiting potential students?
  • Announcing a new website, resource, etc.?

Who is the intended audience?

  • UW Students, faculty, staff (Any particular areas of interest?)?
  • Scholars or administrators at other institutions?
  • Community partners?
  • Donors and alumni?
  • General public?

What do I want them to do / what action do I hope my audience will take?

  • To sign up…
  • To apply…
  • To attend…
  • To know about…
  • To visit a website…

Do I have any assets that would be good to include in my publicity material?

  • Logo
  • Photographs
  • Data
  • Artwork

Based on my answers to these questions, what materials might be a good match for my project?

  • Flyers
  • Email
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Website/webpage
  • Brochure
  • Booklet
  • Video

If I want to send information via email or mail, do I already have contact information (mailing addresses, email lists, etc.)? If not, how will I collect/compile/request it?

  • The Simpson Center may be able to assist with the collection of addresses for anyone who has a relationship with the UW: alumni, donors, faculty, staff, students
  • The Simpson Center also maintains its own mailing list of approximately 1,500 names.

We encourage applicants to meet with us before submitting a proposal. To schedule a meeting, contact Assistant Director Rachel Arteaga.