Publicity Assistance

The Simpson Center is happy to help publicize the activities of our funded projects. We do so through a variety of communications channels:

We also offer programs for conferences, symposia, and workshops.

When relevant, we also pitch story ideas to our media contacts, both on and off campus.

If you’re interested in publicity stepsbeyond those listed above, you will need to request them in your budget and proposal. These may include items such as posters, postcards, brochures, and websites, and services such as graphic design, printing, postage and distribution, audio/visual recording, and website design and maintenance. The Simpson Center and its Executive Board will evaluate such requests to determine if additional support for them will be granted.

We are happy to help you decide what might be the best communications strategy and publicity plan for your project. Additionally, you might find the following helpful:


Questions? Contact Us!



Keep in mind that the Simpson Center is happy to talk with you as you prepare your proposal and budget.

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