The Simpson Center’s offices are currently all online. Our staff is available by phone and email. We do our best to respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
Simpson Center for the Humanities

About the Simpson Center

Our Mission: The Simpson Center offers UW scholars varied opportunities for intellectual community, professional development, and financial support that advance crossdisciplinary understanding, collaboration, and research. Read more

Our History: Since 2000, the Simpson Center has funded UW faculty members with 170 Society of Scholars Fellowships, 30 Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships, and 19 Mellon Summer Fellowships for Reaching New Publics. Graduate students have been awarded 72 Society of Scholars Fellowships, 30 Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships, and 24 Mellon Fellowships for Reaching New Publics. This has supported scholars from 49 campus units across the the Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma campuses, in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and professional schools. Read more

See the Simpson Center Fact Sheet for more information.