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Climate Ethics, Environmental Justice, and Wind Energy

Emphasizing intergenerational equity, climate ethics suggests that the development of wind energy to reduce carbon emissions is morally justified, perhaps even imperative; highlighting the inequitable burdens that the construction of large wind fa

Politics of Story Telling in Island Imperial Formations

This international invitational workshop seeks to build a distinct theoretical language about the form and function of storytelling in the historical creation and recreation of modern island formations across the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.

Transformative Education Behind Bars

The purpose of Transformative Education Behind Bars (TEBB) has been to partner nonprofit and university educators to create an agenda in which transformative education behind bars is possible.

Xicana Living Pedagogies: Resistance, Testimonios, and Transformation

Creating safe spaces for Xicanas in academia to gather and reflect while empowering one another through platica, cultural performance, and testimonio is an alterNative epistemology of ceremony as research and a resilient continuum of Indigenous sc

Race Across the Disciplines

This collaboration explores the intellectual and political possibilities opened up by critical study of race across and beyond traditional academic disciplines.

Women Who Rock

Women Who Rock brings together scholars, musicians, media-makers, performers, artists, and activists to explore the role of women and popular music in the creation of cultural scenes and social justice movements in the Americas.

Performing the Gap

This graduate study group fosters a critical examination of performance as a site for conceptualizing contemporary cultural practices, modernity, citizenship, and democracy via discussions among graduate students, faculty, community performers, an

Critical Design

Critical Design is a generative space for cross-disciplinary exploration of critical social theory and place-making design.

Keywords for Video Game Studies

Still from indie developer thatgamecompany's 2012 Journey.

Founded 2010, Keywords for Video Games Studies is a graduate interest group bringing together interdisciplinary perspectives and scholarship on video games.

Asian American Studies Research Collective

The Asian American Studies Research Collective (AASRC) is an interdisciplinary group of graduate students with a wide variety of research interests and a common commitment in elevating Asian American Studies research and discussion at the Universi