Projects tagged with 'race'

Mediating Difference: Sights and Sounds

Difference is a term that late twentieth and early twenty-first century scholars of race, gender, and sexuality have claimed and yet left largely un-theorized.

Returning to Stuart Hall: Dialogue, Critique, Practice

WIRED (Women Investigating Race, Ethnicity, and Difference) has planned a series of events in 2014-15 to honor the life and work of Stuart Hall (1932-2014), a public intellectual whose commitments to interdisciplinary dialogue and social justice resonate with our mission.

The Postcolonial Animal: Nature/Culture/Empire

Following scholarship on intersectionality, a particularly powerful analytic tool for understanding identity formation and experience, we argue that species can be added to—and can intersect with—gender, race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality, to better understand how vectors of power and privilege are formed and how we might start to shift them in the direction of greater social justice.

African American Political Thought: Past and Present

This conference brings together nationally recognized scholars from political science, philosophy, English, history, and black studies to reflect on historical meaning and contemporary significance of African American political thought. 

Asian American Research Studies Collective

Panelists at AASRC's 2012 symposium.

The Asian American Studies Research Collective (AASRC) is an interdisciplinary research group of graduate students with a wide variety of research interests and a common commitment in elevating Asian American Studies research and

Race Across the Disciplines

This collaboration explores the intellectual and political possibilities opened up by critical study of race across and beyond traditional academic disciplines.

WIRED: Critically Resisting, Reshaping and Engaging an Institution of Higher Education

This collaboration is working towards the creation of an edited volume comprised of theoretically rich and critically engaged chapters outlining, describing, and critiquing the experiences of women of color on the tenure track at the University of Washington.

Art & Migration in the Age of Globalization

This exhibition and symposium recognizes the contributions of Shinzaburo Takeda, a Japanese master painter, printmaker, and professor of art who has lived in Mexico for nearly fifty years and has trained several generations of Mexican artists, many of them indigenous Zapotecs and Mixtecs, at University of Oaxaca.

The Race/Knowledge Project: Anti-Racist Praxis and the Global University

The Race/Knowledge Project considered the contemporary status of race within what the "global" university. The contours of this year-long research program included public lectures, roundtables, study groups, and a symposium centered on how "anti-racist praxis" might negotiate the discourses of the colorblind, multicultural university.

The Race/Knowledge Project

The Race/Knowledge Project was an interdisciplinary research cluster exploring the contemporary articulations and contradictions of race and culture as they mediate the production of global and local imaginaries within and beyond the university.