Projects tagged with 'politics'

Access to Information as a Human Right

This conference with the UW Center for Human Rights examines access to information as a tool in securing truth, justice, and reparations for victims of crimes against humanity.

SeaTac-Seattle Minimum Wage Campaign History Project

The SeaTac-Seattle Minimum Wage Campaign History Project produces a digital web archive documenting the two successful historic struggles for a $15 minimum wage as well as continuing advocacy for better wages, sick pay, reduction

Psychoanalysis and Politics

The name of our graduate interest group (GIG) cribs from the Psychoanalyse et Politique group, one of the principal currents of the post-1968 French feminist movement. In its less dogmatic moments, the original Psychoanalyse et Politique group offered attempts at syntheses of feminist concerns with the insights of Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalyses, Marxism, and (post)structuralism. 

Race Across the Disciplines

This collaboration explores the intellectual and political possibilities opened up by critical study of race across and beyond traditional academic disciplines.

Performing the Gap

This graduate study group fosters a critical examination of performance as a site for conceptualizing contemporary cultural practices, modernity, citizenship, and democracy via discussions among graduate students, faculty, community performers, an

WIRED: Critically Resisting, Reshaping and Engaging an Institution of Higher Education

This collaboration is working towards the creation of an edited volume comprised of theoretically rich and critically engaged chapters outlining, describing, and critiquing the experiences of women of color on the tenure track at the University of Washington.

Human Interactions and Normative Innovations

This research cluster aims to promote the study of different contexts in which normative ideals such as humanity (Salamanca School), rights and citizenship (European Enlightenment), and human rights (Critical Theory) have emerged. This initiative is part of a multi-year project involving colloquia, seminars, international exchanges, and other activities to be developed in partnership with the University of Frankfurt, Germany.

The Race/Knowledge Project: Crossdisciplinary and Community Collaborations as Anti-Racist Praxis

The Race Knowledge Project

The Race/Knowledge Project is dedicated to interrogating the contemporary status of race within what is increasingly understood as the global university and its intricate connections to our local communities.

Performing the Gap

Performing the Gap Graduate Interest Group

At this intersection of the political with the popular, Performing the Gap  fosters a critical examination of performance as a site for conceptualizing contemporary cultural practices, modernity, citizenship, and democracy.

WIRED: Women Investigating Race, Ethnicity, and Difference

WIRED is a cross-disciplinary research cluster which is laying the groundwork for an edited volume that theorizes the interventions made by women of color on tenure-track at a large research university.